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No. sentence
1 Sit up as straight as possible, shoulders back, one hand on your upper chest, the other on your abdomen just above waist.
2 her hair off her neck with one hand.
3 On the one hand, this behavior may be desired, because it saves database accesses and thus improves the overall performance of the long-running process.
4 She looked at him, and smoothed out her apron with one hand.
5 She pulled me back to the stairs, where Alice stood, a small leather bag in one hand.
6 Scientists had volunteers place one hand, palm down, under a board.And they asked the subjects to guess, by pointing to the board with their other hand, where their hidden knuckles and fingertips lay.
7 Miss Martha leaned weakly against the showcase, one hand on her best blue-dotted silk shirtwaist as the pipe-smoking stranger gripped the Shouting customer by the collar.
8 The lattice, flapping to and fro, had grazed one hand that rested on the sill; no blood trickled from the broken skin, and when I put my fingers to it, I could doubt no more: he was dead and stark!
9 She caressed my balls, and keeping one hand there, loosened my belt, pulled my shirt clear and kissed my belly. 'I'll tell you one thing it means, dummkopf.
10 Shielding her eyes from the sun with one hand, she squinted and smiled at me, and I blushed to the breast-bone.
11 broom had given a wild jerk and Harry swung off it. He was now dangling from it, holding on with only one hand.
12 On the one hand, sharply reducing demand in economies that are recovering only weakly from recession may cause much unnecessary pain.
13 My daughter spent much of today riding her bike up and down our street with my hubby next to her, one hand on her shoulder.
14 On the one hand, this gives us an unprecedented opportunity.
15 On one hand, standardization reduces flexibility and the freedom of choice.
16 one hand,] there was the concern that girls were not getting the same treatment as boys in school, especially around math and science.
17 Safety cables are positioned on the sides as railings while the butt end of one handlebar is attached on a safety rail.
18 for disgust, it will purse its lips and withdraw one hand just like a delicate woman.
19 On the one hand, confidences over crimes, which are exchanged in whispers; on the other, the confession of faults made aloud.
20 On the one hand, huge deficits and debts—the sum of past deficits—mean some countries can no longer borrow at reasonable interest rates.
21 On one hand, it would certainly be original when compared to the other dull and unimaginative mailboxes lining the street.
22 How many times have you seen someone hurrying down the street with a BlackBerry in one hand and a sugary coffee or doughnut in the other?
23 She held one hand to her forehead, and bending slowly, she reached out with her free arm, nearly touching a dark mass lying in the road.
24 However, he argues, on the one hand the debate about these issues is unavoidable.
25 Sort of wild and overstimulated on the one hand, but really sad on the other.
26 She came forward eagerly to greet me; and held out one hand to take the expected letter.
27 You are a dictionary, and you are supposed to be a watchdog of language, not the one handing ID's to every silly neologism so they can slip past the bouncers.
28 It makes more televisions than any other company, and may soon displace Nokia as the biggest maker of mobile-telephone handsets.
29 On one hand, you need help, and lots of it.
30 But could the more than 100 miles of depopulation between Glasgow/Edinburgh on the one hand and Liverpool/Manchester/Newcastle on the other have something to do with these results?