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1 ASD can sometimes be diagnosed by age 14 months, although diagnosis becomes increasingly stable over the first three years of life: for example, a one-year-old who meets diagnostic criteria for ASD is less likely than a three-year-old to continue to do so a few years later.
2 the paradox is named after Hans Moravec, who stated in 1988 that "it is comparatively easy to make computers exhibit adult level performance on intelligence tests or playing checkers, and difficult or impossible to give them the skills of a one-year-old when it comes to perception and mobility".
3 On 18 May AD 14, her one-year-old son Gaius was sent by Augustus from Rome to join her in Gaul.
4 Fruit is borne on one-year-old and older canes, but production declines as each cane ages.
5 On 24 July 1567, she was forced to abdicate in favour of her one-year-old son.
6 On 24 July, she was forced to abdicate in favour of her one-year-old son James.
7 One-year-old oil may be still pleasant to the taste, but it is less fragrant than fresh oil.
8 Ivan VI was only a one-year-old infant at the time of his succession to the throne, and his parents, Grand Duchess Anna Leopoldovna and Duke Anthony Ulrich of Brunswick, the ruling regent, were detested for their German counselors and relations.
9 – Later in the afternoon of that same day, another airstrike on a multistorey apartment building in Tyre, which also housed the Civil Defense Forces, killed 14 civilians, amongst them a one-year-old girl and a Sri Lankan maid.
10 In California, almost all female pistachio trees are the cultivar 'Kerman'. A scion from a mature female 'Kerman' is grafted onto a one-year-old rootstock.
11 His one-year-old sister Antonetta died at the end of the year on 29 December 1798 in Munich.
12 Barry gave him his one-year-old Cooper T67 and the two men formed a partnership, driving to races together.
13 Miffy was created in 1955 after Bruna had been telling his one-year-old son, Sierk, stories about a little rabbit they had seen earlier in the dunes, while on holiday at Egmond aan Zee.
14 Hagrid details Harry's past as the son of James and Lily Potter, who were a wizard and witch respectively, and how they were murdered by the most evil and powerful dark wizard of all time, Lord Voldemort, which resulted in the one-year-old Harry being sent to live with his aunt and uncle.
15 Longstreet arrived in Richmond before the death of his one-year-old daughter Mary Anne on January 25. Four-year old James died the following day.
16 Prevented from leaving the island due to her parole conditions, Lenny took the opportunity to leave her again, and this time kidnapped the then one-year-old Kitty.
17 Estimated lifetime cancer mortality risks from an abdominal CT of a one-year-old is 0.1% or 1:1000 scans.
18 Nancy Basile at About.com said her favorite Maggie scenes on The Simpsons are the ones that show her acting more like an adult than a one-year-old.
19 taking hardwood cuttings from vigorous one-year-old shoots in late winter, taking root-cuttings in early spring;
20 Rebel Scottish lords rose up against Mary, Queen of Scots, imprisoned her, and forced her to abdicate in favour of her one-year-old infant son, James.
21 The team won 63 games, shattering their one-year-old franchise record, and steamrolled through the playoffs and into an NBA Finals rematch with the Lakers.
22 The application of this rule barred Charles's one-year-old daughter Mary, by Jeanne d'Évreux, from succeeding as the monarch, but Jeanne was also pregnant at the time of Charles' death.
23 One-year-old tree.
24 A maiden whip (a one-year-old tree with no side shoots) should be pruned to a bud with two buds below it at about 80 cm from the ground immediately after planting to produce primary branches during the first growing season.
25 A feathered maiden (that is, a one-year-old tree with several side branches) should have its main stem pruned back to three or four strong shoots at 80 cm from the ground.
26 Meanwhile at Apple, the one-year-old Copland reached a primitive and notoriously unstable developer preview release, and Apple's frustrated lack of operating system strategy still had not shipped anything physically capable of running CommonPoint.
27 a two-year-old born in California and a one-year-old born in Washington Territory.
28 During the reign of Eberhard Louis (1676–1733), who succeeded as a one-year-old when his father Duke William Louis died in 1677, Württemberg had to face another destructive enemy, Louis XIV of France.
29 To double the amount of time he could film the character of Trina both as a baby and as a one-year-old, Stevens hired identical twin girls for Trina at each age.
30 The baby was played by Judith and Dianna Fleetwood, and the one-year-old by Joan and Jane Biffle.