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olfactory in a sentence

1. Horses have two olfactory centers.

2. Olfactory nerve, deep dissection, inferior view.

3. Such is the case in olfactory cells.

4. An olfactory sensation is called an odor.

5. Their olfactory organ, the osphradium is enlarged.

6. It plays a role in olfactory and sensory detection.

7. Cerebrum. Optic and olfactory nerves.

8. Olfactory foramina are illustrated.

9. 3) Via infection of the olfactory neurons;

10. M9520/3 Olfactory neurogenic tumor.

11. M9521/3 Olfactory neurocytoma.

12. M9522/3 Olfactory neuroblastoma.

13. M9523/3 Olfactory neuroepithelioma.

14. They have large olfactory bulbs to process scents.

15. Olfactory camouflage is said to be rare;

16. 36 of those were for olfactory receptors.

17. The anterior olfactory nucleus (AON;

18. It is part of the olfactory pathway.

19. Olfactory sulcus.

20. nostrils and olfactory lamellae are absent.

21. Olfactory lobe may refer to:

22. Olfactory. Pertaining to the smell.

23. Olfactory cues can be used to recognise kin.

24. Olfactory white is neither pleasant or malodorous.

25. They have been described as olfactory desserts.

26. This input then reaches the olfactory cortex.

27. He started to explore olfactory art in the 1980s.

28. A head blow can injure or tear olfactory nerves.

29. 's olfactory lobe is also 4 times that of a human.

30. densely immunopositive fibers in olfactory tract.