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No. sentence
1 This was simply used to slowly tear the flesh from its victim, often times all the way down to the bone.
2 This restaurant often caters for large banquets.
3 often have we heard of someone who is an excellent employee but treats his or her spouse like a piece of furniture?
4 We must sow before we can reap, and often have to wait long, content meanwhile to look patiently forward in hope; the fruit best worth waiting for often ripening the slowest.
5 Not only because they generally have shopping with them for the market, but because they are often on the heavy side.
6 We often deal with him.
7 He often lunches out with his friends.
8 Those who sit down for meals eat better and often have more fruit and vegetables in their diets.
9 We’re often told that the world is tethering on the brink of destruction.
10 We 're often told that the world is tethering on the brink of destruction. But is this really the case?
11 To stand, you have to tense your leg muscles, and engage the muscles of your back and shoulders; while standing, you often shift from leg to leg.
12 We should often reflect on our past mistakes.
13 Tom is right old, he often sputters his past.
14 High tariffs often cause a diversion of trade from one country to another.
15 As a child I often felt driven not only to succeed, but also to be noticed by my parents and my peers.
16 AOP practitioners will recognize that the first introduction to AOP often involves explaining a similar multidimensional decomposition to the one enabled by the use of metadata.
17 However, it is often more effective to use a special tool that parses and organizes the contents, and automatically detects and highlights key information and anomalies.
18 Compare this to the busy and non-busy tasks that were invoked roughly three times as often for significantly less of the processor.
19 More often that not, Chris will take you up on one or two of your ideas, or the offer may prompt him to come up with something different entirely.
20 Life often seems to be marked off into different periods: childhood, schooldays, marriage, old age, for example.
21 More and more often today, we also see situations where the individual loses her job, but her old corporate responsibility, and the projects she was working on, dont go away.
22 He often rakes around the market for some art treasure.
23 After a tough and often nasty campaign, a jubilant Hillary Clinton stood among supporters, covered with confetti and relishing the win.
24 The electricity wastes because they often forget to turn it off.
25 In my research I often try new tools.
26 Despite Mr Guan's concerns, which are often voiced in Beijing, analysts said that China had little choice but to recycle its vast foreign currency reserves into dollar-denominated assets.
27 Cutting often begins on an impulse.
28 They often mucked about with some girls.
29 This logic can be very complex and often requires much time to migrate manually.
30 Most of the returnees retain ties with Israel; they often leave families there, and invest earnings there, in homes and education.