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1 Branch officials can access the central database.
2 Some officials will look over our factory this Friday.
3 White House officials responded by saying the President knew he would have opportunities to talk about Pakistan, which is just what happened in Mumbai.
4 Some officials claimed to unhook connections with the companies but still maintained close ties on the sly.
5 Acknowledging that they will not be able to stop the Roma from coming straight back, French officials have taken fingerprints in order to make sure such returnees do not receive any more handouts.
6 In the Ming Dynasty about 500 years ago, it became such a holy food that emperors would offer it to their officials during festivals.
7 Officials late Sunday revealed that two more vegetables, canola and chrysanthemum greens, have also been found to be contaminated and in three more prefectures.
8 A few public officials can be bought.
9 Several officials said they were particularly concerned that the graffiti had extended beyond gang markers, suggesting a broader group of offenders who consider more of their community a canvas.
10 German officials say there is now bitter regret in Berlin that their country helped wreck the original stability and growth pact.
11 credit, a poorly regulated market overrun by speculators, and cheerleading from Dubai officials — including the hereditary ruler, Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum.
12 American and UN officials all say they want to know what went wrong in Pyongyang, and how to correct it.
13 The Ilyushin 76 transport plane was registered in Georgia but flew to Bangkok from Pyongyang, Thai officials said.
14 America cannot stop Russian officials abusing the judicial system at home, but it can try to stop them reaping the benefits of their corruption in the West.
15 Some of them had been born in Siberia, the children of parents deported there for no other reason than that they had been officials in the prewar republic.
16 smoldering fire and fumes prevented rescue workers from getting near the plant, officials say the blast area resembles a war zone.
17 health officials report that at least 36 children in the United States have died of swine flu; most had nervous system disorders like cerebral palsy or developmental delays.
18 Officials have recorded nearly 500 cases of scarlet fever this year, more than triple the total of 2010.
19 Unscrupulous officials pocket or divert funds.
20 Company officials first maintained it ended with one rogue reporter at the News of the World.
21 State officials, who had previously approved the utility's conversion of another boiler to burn wood, watched the testing procedure closely.
22 Although no new images of him have been published since early June, newspaper articles continue to be published under his name and officials insist he continues to convalesce.
23 Chinese officials say they will try to ease the confrontation between the Koreas, and have urged the heads of delegations of the six-party talks on North Korean de-nuclearization to meet next month.
24 A police investigation limped along for more than three years before officials announced last August that they were dropping the case.
25 The police dispatched the fake zebras to several different locations in the Russian capital, where officials in orange vests walked them over zebra crossings and handed out flyers to passing drivers.
26 U. s. Special Envoy for the Middle East George Mitchell has begun meetings with officials in Israel to revive stalled peace efforts.
27 However, officials have hinted a separate tour program at the North Korean city of Kaesong may also be suspended.
28 Officials have made some attempts to temper the rise in the past month—scrapping import taxes for onions, banning their export and ordering low-priced sales at government-run shops.
29 Officials claim to have achieved self-sufficiency in melons (piled high on the roadsides) and Onions; and the price of eggs has fallen to half what it is in the West Bank.
30 Though they had never before encountered a disaster of such a dimension, the government officials swung immediately into action. They made it a point to be visible to stem any possible panic.