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official use in a sentence

1. Reval was in official use in Estonia until 1918.

2. St James's Palace was retained for official use.

3. It was in British official use from 1839.

4. "Pan-pan medico" is no longer in official use.

5. TULIP is in official use by some librarians;

6. There is no official use of the word district in Wales.

7. Between 1923 and 1939, both names were in official use;

8. It may only contain articles intended for official use.

9. A few other modified statues are in official use.

10. This was the earliest known official use of the term.

11. This ended the official use of Red Squads.

12. This marked its first official use since 1992.

13. The British Raj took the fort for its official use.

14. The flag has been in official use since then.

15. The term is no longer in official use.

16. The form Botrivier is preferred for official use.

17. First official use: 1907.

18. First official use: 1906 (Stockings);

19. First official use: 1915.

20. First official use: 1972.

21. First official use: 1901.

22. First official use: 1911.

23. First official use: 1901.

24. Postal counties are no longer in official use.

25. Thailand accepted the map for official use.

26. Thus, the title was in official use until 1918.

27. The Arabic language returned to local official use.

28. Postal counties are no longer in official use.

29. Official use fell silent;

30. The modification later went into official use in 1991.