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No. sentence
1 He sniffed at my offer.
2 She dismayed me by refusing my offer.
3 No one can offer a permanent solution to the problem.
4 A team of robots that could coordinate its actions like a flock of birds could offer significant advantages over a solitary robot.
5 More often that not, Chris will take you up on one or two of your ideas, or the offer may prompt him to come up with something different entirely.
6 Peopled by the ageing middle class of pre-liberalisation India—accountants, middlemen and small entrepreneurs—the tower receives a generous offer from a builder, Dharmen Shah.
7 This gives you time to consider and research their offer.
8 regimes, the authors point out, can offer their supporters the patronage of the state.
9 These companies have stable earnings, modest valuations and yields that beat anything on offer from the Treasury, considering the ability of dividends to grow with earnings over time.
10 Even among the social workers who work in hard-hit communities there is surprisingly little frustration at the meagreness of the handouts on offer or at the lengthy application process.
11 His advice to the new UN coalition is “please don’t offer handouts and don’t give away stoves.”
12 The deal on offer is: lend us more money, or lose most of the money you have already lent.
13 If big institutions believe this threat is real, then they must take the FDIC's authority seriously and accept a reasonable offer for acquisition.
14 Yet the crisis showed that regulators can only offer blank cheques or no cheques at all to the biggest firms.
15 In future, investors should be able to subscribe to information services that let them see the whole market in certain shares, not only what is on offer at the local stock exchange.
16 In this case, it will offer to create a class field I, a local variable I, or a method parameter I; clicking each of these Suggestions will display the code that would be generated.
17 to fool a bank is your birth date and us social security number, or just discarded credit card offer junk mail taken from your bin.
18 We will take up these issues and offer some advice on how to structure your transactions in Part 3 of this series.
19 In the Ming Dynasty about 500 years ago, it became such a holy food that emperors would offer it to their officials during festivals.
20 Tour operators offer trips to the islands from Bali, while the animals can be seen at a number of zoos, including London.
21 If a government allows the advertising and widespread sales of tobacco, alcohol and processed food, surely it should also offer help in controlling or curbing excess use from addiction?
22 He made her an offer in this very room, and she refused him.
23 I will offer six millions, and I will content myself with the rest, if they will only give me my liberty.
24 He considered fully before accepting the offer.
25 If you're buying a travel insurance bundled policy, some companies offer primary CDW coverage at a much lower rate than the rental companies charge.
26 But the Russians could, short of compromising state security, offer total co-operation with the British inquiry.
27 So scientists will need to determine whether lower doses of the drug can offer humans anti-ageing effects without compromising their immune systems, Kaeberlein says.
28 Their best hope will be to find ways to offer cheaper goods without compromising their image.
29 It should be clear what you have to offer and what the user can do when they get to your site.
30 Arafat balked at not having sovereignty over all of East Jerusalem, including the Temple Mount. He turned the offer down.