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No. sentence
1 He ordered us out of the house.
2 He bustled her out of the hot house.
3 He screwed out of the house.
4 He denuded her of clothing.
5 He netted the support of all of us.
6 She took one of the parcels from her father to lighten his load.
7 took great strength to resist the pressure of the authorities.
8 Tom took off at the sight of trouble.
9 We should learn by the mistakes of others.
10 The teeth in one wheel engage with those of another.
11 The man denuded her of clothing.
12 The contract admits of no other interpretation.
13 Tom nibbled off a large piece of my apple.
14 We say of an apple that it is round and red.
15 Of course I have nothing against Apple. If they say in advance no tethering, those who work on that should expect to be banned.
16 We have reached out to Apple for comment on this file but we have not heard back at the time of publishing.
17 What have you learned from the design of Apple products?
18 Have you noticed that most of the security practitioners you meet or work with have already switched to Apple?
19 my teacher I dedicate this dictionary in token of affection and gratitude.
20 Prices of fruit and vegetables have gone up.
21 They disagreed with each other about the time and place of the accident.
22 you mind backing off a bit, Sir, while we clear this wreck out of the way?
23 This sack of rice was destroyed [bit] by rats and insects.
24 Whenever I think of this humorous bit of wisdom, it reminds me to not take my life so seriously.
25 But tell me, dear reader, what do you make of this? I'm all for a bit of insouciance with a greenwash, but would it go with the rug?
26 For example, suppose you do some bit manipulation in an integer variable and expect it to be of size 4: This may not be the case on all operating system platforms (see Listing 7).
27 Or a bit of both?
28 Not a bit – “I didn’t read any of it, ” he explained once in an interview.
29 A little bit like some of you perhaps.
30 But I am lucky because we did get a little bit of the tsunami but nothing like what they got up north.