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No. sentence
1 These activities occupied most of her time.
2 three bedrooms have wall-mounted heaters, which are used only when the rooms are occupied, and switched off at night.
3 Thank you," whispered Mr Medvedev, who occupied only third place in the news bulletin, as chairman of a meeting of trustees of an art museum.
4 The young couple are always occupied with endless whispers of love.
5 fire ripped through a 28-story high-rise that was under renovation but occupied by more than 150 residents, many of whom were trapped inside as hundreds of firefighters fought the fire.
6 Most of the land his tribe occupied was common land on which the cattle grazed together.
7 Hang the do Not Disturb sign on the door when you're out so would-be thieves will think the room is occupied.
8 I could teach them how to do things like take peanuts out of their shells (that alone would keep them occupied for several innings).
9 The civilians were evacuated from the occupied city to farms.
10 This may seem arcane, but for the British, who have long occupied the intellectual high ground of financial policymaking in the EU, it is a blow to see the initiative wrested from them.
11 It occupied several floors of a gleaming building that appeared as if it were made out of giant white Lego blocks and glass.
12 picture is the same desk, now occupied by his new assistant.
13 His Freedom Theatre, set up in 2006 to replace his mother's workshop (bulldozed by the Israelis four years earlier), was the first acting school in occupied Palestine.
14 Rather than covering the geographical area occupied by the modern Greek state, he argued Ancient Greece stretched from Georgia in the east to Spain in the west.
15 Soon after meeting the interned British officer, she was helping to get similar Allied airmen, refugees and escaped prisoners-of-war out of occupied France and into Britain.
16 this seat occupied [taken]?
17 His family moved to Vienna when he was four years old, and though he often claimed he hated the city, he lived there until it was occupied by Germany in 1938.
18 He seemed rather annoyed at having to bother with such help, but put down her name and then led her across to where a line of girls occupied stools in front of clacking machines.
19 The Committee of Vigilance promptly arrested the Knapp brothers and sent them to the Salem Gaol, their cells not far from those occupied by the Crowninshields.
20 The Robins occupied their former nest.
21 With only one-third of the screen occupied by each primary, two-thirds of the potential output is wasted.
22 The sight of all these riches made him suppose that this cave must have been occupied for ages by robbers, who had succeeded one another.
23 So there might be one in a million lattice sites occupied, even at the very end of the procedure.
24 This place is occupied by the commander of the cruiser.
25 Listing 1 illustrates the process of creating a simple world occupied by a box (in the with upward momentum) and a ground plane.
26 He occupied a little room in the infirmary.
27 The Morgan Stanley trading room was a massive labyrinth that occupied the entire floor of 1251 Avenue of the Americas.
28 Memory is allocated automatically in the heap area for each instantiated object, and the garbage collector periodically reclaims memory occupied by objects that are no longer needed.
29 Israel and the pa, for example, long ago signed a "road map" that included a demand for Israel to stop expanding its settlements in the occupied territories.
30 The newly occupied section of memory now becomes active, and everything on the other side is considered garbage.