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obstetricans in a sentence

1. The male midwife toad (Alytes obstetricans) winds egg strings round his thighs and carries the eggs around for up to eight weeks.

2. The male common midwife toad (Alytes obstetricans) carries the eggs around with him attached to his hind legs.

3. The common parsley frog and the Alytes obstetricans pertinax dwell in the limestone lowlands near the Tagus in the south-east of the region.

4. In 1842, during his time with Louis Agassiz in Neuchâtel, he discovered the mechanism of apoptosis, the programmed cell death, while studying the development of the tadpole of the midwife toad (Alytes obstetricans).

5. His description of the reproduction of the common midwife toad (Alytes obstetricans) was met with disbelief and only received credit when reactivated by Arthur de l'Isle du Dréneuf in 1872.

6. The common midwife toad (Alytes obstetricans) is a species of midwife frog in the family Alytidae (formerly Discoglossidae).

7. Alexteroon obstetricans is a species of frogs in the family Hyperoliidae.

8. Common name frilled egg-guarding frog has been proposed for it. Alexteroon obstetricans occurs in forests at elevations below 800 m (2,600 ft) in association with narrow streams under continuous canopy.

9. Some amphibians are abundant in or near ponds and rivulets throughout the whole system, such as Rana perezi, Bufo bufo, Bufo calamita, Alytes obstetricans, Triturus marmoratus and Lissotriton helveticus, the latter also at high altitude, whether in intermittent or permanent bodies of water.

10. The toads include Bufo bufo, Alytes obstetricans, Bombina variegata, Bufo calamita, Pelobates fuscus and Pelobates cultripes.

11. It has been hypothesized that Electrorana may show genetic links with living species, in particular with Alytes obstetricans.