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No. sentence
1 I know one billionaire family who have managed to instil a sense of proportion, industry and obligation into the various younger members: there are no private jets, chauffeurs or suchlike.
2 China has no obligation to keep its deficits below that level, and many foreign economists have urged the government to run bigger deficits.
3 I like to give, never to receive; to have the power of the host, not the obligation of the guest.
4 Does every individual have an obligation to think seriously about important matters,even when doing so may be difficult?
5 Dear MP: to answer your first question first: no. You are under no obligation to give anyone a reference if you would rather not.
6 Nevertheless, he continued to vacillate, like Hamlet, in the execution of his filial obligation to his late father's request.
7 The bishops were right to express their "moral obligation to speak up for those who have no voice".
8 Many were against it because of the high cost of treatment. But we believe that as doctors we have an obligation to find the appropriate treatment for these patients.
9 In its complaint, the SEC alleged that Goldman misstated and omitted key facts regarding a synthetic collateralized debt obligation it marketed.
10 They are under to obligation to repay debts incurred by the old regime.
11 If all the members and creditors receive the notification within the prescribed time limit, the liquidation team shall be absolved from the obligation to make an announcement.
12 He absolved me from further obligation.
13 The only obligation, the only "tax" that was due from me, applied to everyone.
14 I leafed through it out of a sense of obligation.
15 The same international community that felt obligated to spend hundreds of billions rescuing financial systems should also feel an obligation to rescue people in such desperate need.
16 Tip jars, according to Post, carry no obligation.
17 TPO tries to steer its members towards signing its own code, but there is no obligation to do so.
18 Voters are under no obligation to be so gullible.
19 His social obligation compels him to make a round of visits.
20 He added that he views the scholarship as both an obligation and an opportunity.
21 Every instrument constitutes an independent contract embodying a payment obligation.
22 We've seen Milton's account there of how he had attempted to reconcile, on the one hand, his obligation to become a minister and his desire, on the other hand, to become a poet.
23 Doing this not only fulfills a sacred obligation to our children and grandchildren, but also provides an opportunity to stimulate economic growth.
24 Good, there is some... it would cheapen the whole idea of contracts which has to do with taking in obligation on myself.
25 Within the time of confidentiality, the obligation of one party to confidentiality shall terminate immediately after the confidential technology is disclosed for reasons not of his or its own.
26 Because we see the second request as a lesser burden-and therefore a favor to us-we are likely to give in out of perceived obligation.
27 Citizens have an obligation to preserve the benefits of their societies for the future as well as the present-which means an obligation to foster virtuous character in the young.
28 For example, Japans primary and secondary schools teaching the new course, "the Analects of Confucius" and Chinese poetry, provides primary and secondary obligation to "the Analects" read.
29 It's often said that the convention "bans" torture, but that is not correct: It creates an obligation on member states to ban torture by their own nationals.
30 all of us have an obligation to engage constructively and creatively toward a workable solution.