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1 They take more time off work because of their various ailments, and when they are at work the morbidly obese produce less, equivalent to 22 days of lost production per year.
2 Health experts say people who are overweight or obese run the risk of serious health issues — cardiovascular disease, diabetes, arthritis and some cancers.
3 They found the 1991 children whose moms worked were more likely to be obese than children whose moms stayed at home.
4 Especially now, when there are more overweight and obese people in America, fat jokes have no place in our society.
5 Unless you are obese, diet and exercise change only the margins: you still look like you.
6 The researchers assigned 57 obese people to one of these two groups or a control group, in which people were simply weighed at the end of each month.
7 of the students in this study were overweight, if not obese.
8 surprising news that some obese children are more apt to carry a common cold virus than slimmer children has many people wondering.
9 Our study suggests sleeping longer on weekends or holidays could lower the risk of being overweight or obese.
10 Then the researchers showed all three groups a photo of a visibly obese teen, along with a list of her complaints, like trouble sleeping and lack of energy—symptoms associated with childhood obesity.
11 of those over 75 in hospital are reckoned to be nutrient-deficient, as are many obese people.
12 the morbidly obese, 39percent thought of themselves as overweight, not obese, the survey found.
13 Being obese has long been linked to infertility in females, but researchers may have been wrong about how the link was forged, a new study suggests.
14 Waheeba, she scorns the very idea that this lump of a woman, “obese, menopausal, illiterate”, could be her rival in anything.
15 In the third study in the New England Journal, researchers also found that leaner people tended to have more brown fat deposits than overweight or obese individuals.
16 Parents also exert a big influence; studies have shown that the foods they offer and eat will predict their child's preferences and chance of becoming obese.
17 small study, 20 severely obese patients who were put on a very low-calorie diet lost an average of 20 percent of their body weight.
18 There was no increase in the prevalence of obesity in black boys, except in the severely obese category, which peaked in 2007.
19 Failure to pay the full medical costs imposed by obesity distorts the decision of a person to become or remain obese; it is a subsidy for obesity.
20 Without some form of intervention, researchers worry, large Numbers of black and Hispanic children in the United States will grow up overweight or obese and lead shorter, less fulfilling lives.
21 Regardless of when they started eating solid foods, breastfed babies in the study had a one in 14 chance of being obese as preschoolers.
22 One study concluded that if you have just four obese friends, your chance of obesity is double that of a person who has no obese friends.
23 You know that being overweight or obese can increase your risk of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and even cancer.
24 In addition, 40 percent of children with enlarged tonsils and 46 percent of obese children have SDB.
25 The study found that about 36 percent of black survey participants were obese, while 28.5 percent of Hispanics and 24.5 percent of whites were.
26 Over all, blacks and Hispanics were more likely than whites to be obese, and the more education people had, the less likely they were to be heavy.
27 The experiment would be the same as regular in vitro fertilization, except the fertilized egg of an obese mother would be transferred to the womb of a skinny mother, and vice versa.
28 Almost a third of children regularly go without breakfast before school and are more likely than classmates to be inactive, unfit and obese, research shows.
29 For example, some time ago, several primary care trusts gave lower priority to the obese for hip and knee replacements.
30 Obese people often suffer from the problem because excessive fat tissue can thicken and narrow the wall of the windpipe.