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nursed in a sentence

1. Friends and professionals nursed him.

2. Louis nursed her through her illness.

3. They are nursed for about 1.5 years.

4. Alice nursed her during her illness.

5. Piquet nursed his car to seventh.

6. The young are nursed for one year.

7. He nursed until the mid-1990s.

8. After I nursed her to health.

9. Bathsheba nursed him back to health.

10. Although Smith nursed her, she died.

11. He was sick and Mare nursed him.

12. they nursed the sick;

13. Mary nursed them through.

14. With courage he nursed Bhawani Devi.

15. There Lynn was nursed back to health.

16. Together, they nursed lepers.

17. Lady Markham also nursed.

18. Nursed to health by missionary Rev.

19. Riannon nursed her.

20. She nursed the men herself.

21. For a while, she is nursed by Mrs.

22. Aubrey nursed her back to health.

23. Ziwei is nursed in the Fu household.

24. and nursed everyone back to health.

25. She also nursed James Connolly.

26. He married Marzieh, who nursed him.

27. Mother nursed me back to health.

28. He was nursed in London.

29. She nursed her kitten all evening.

30. His sister Lanice nursed me.