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numerous similarities in a sentence

1. Due to numerous similarities, scholars have frequently connected Freyja with the goddess Frigg.

2. The storyline of the Odyssey likewise bears numerous similarities to that of the Epic of Gilgamesh.

3. The Code of Hammurabi and the Law of Moses in the Torah contain numerous similarities.

4. The gameplay shares numerous similarities with that title, featuring a very similar battle system, graphical interface, and dungeon system.

5. While there are some differences between the fourth and fifth editions, the general rule set shares numerous similarities.

6. The visual style of Pi and Requiem for a Dream features numerous similarities to Tetsuo: The Iron Man.

7. Often, the English "goblin" is translated as "hiisi" in Finnish, due to the numerous similarities between the typical goblin and hiisi.

8. The novel has numerous similarities to Lost, including "letting go", and building a society.

9. The 1997 studio demo of the song lacked the main riff of the song, although there were numerous similarities in the lyrics and structure.

10. The numerous similarities between the two species mean that an embryo of an African wildcat may be carried and borne by a domestic cat.

11. This awards ceremony includes numerous similarities when compared to the Academy Awards in the United States.

12. The Ohlone myths contain numerous similarities to Yokuts mythology and cosmogony.

13. The book has numerous similarities to the Koshka Gospels, Kiev Psalter of 1397, and other East Slavic manuscripts of the 1390s.

14. The Gorowa language to the south shares numerous similarities and is sometimes considered a dialect.

15. Biographers and critics agree that Louis Lambert is a thinly veiled version of the author, evidenced by numerous similarities between them.

16. Hosoda has cited Our War Game as a major influence on his 2009 film Summer Wars, with critics noting numerous similarities between the films.

17. Because of the numerous similarities between the two, it has been suggested that M. rossi may be a synonym of the M. johnsonii species.

18. The career of the character Daniel Baciagalupo/Danny Angel in the novel bears numerous similarities to that of John Irving.

19. Ruckus was released two years before First Blood, but there are numerous similarities between the films.

20. The comparisons show that these deposits share numerous similarities but also display some differences.

21. Hassan meets Alì, Nadia's son where he observes numerous similarities with the young man.

22. The source materials from Nekes and Worms' (1953) "Australian Languages" list numerous similarities.

23. He reported this and the numerous similarities in the application programming interface of PC DOS and CP/M to Gary Kildall.

24. Dohnányi's orchestration holds numerous similarities to that of Brahms;

25. Writing in The Guardian, Sam Wollaston praised the animation, but criticised the numerous similarities to the original plot.

26. The algorithm shares numerous similarities with Simplex noise, but has two primary differences:

27. Could they have been related? There are numerous similarities between Tiwuanaco and other Polynesian Islands suggesting a common ancestry.

28. In general, it shares numerous similarities with L'Entretien politique on France 2.

29. They were closely related, supported by numerous similarities, to the Carcinosomatoidea.

30. The poem shows numerous similarities to older stories about Ermenrich attested in early medieval and Old Norse sources.