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No. sentence
1 Let me put down your telephone number.
2 A large number of people conglomerated round her.
3 He gave me this number.
4 In the US, where they have carried out a number of fatal attacks on children, hybrids are banned in some states and in others are only legal once they are five generations removed from wolves.
5 Eng Prod owns any number of horizontal and vertical engineering disciplines, Test is the biggest. In a nutshell, eng Prod is made of.
6 This number had dropped to nine during the year so far.
7 When you do so, make sure the number of common paging space devices matches the number of redundant shared memory partitions.
8 In other ways, like the number of users right now or the risk of spam, not so much.
9 He cited examples from a number of organisations of how a focus on customer delight results in fierce customer loyalty and increased profit.
10 He exhausts their number and with them his chances of life.
11 The number of memory operations can be reduced significantly that way.
12 number of messages on those queues should be zero, therefore manual intervention by an administrator is required if messages appear there.
13 When you buy a mutual fund, you are pooling your money with a number of other investors, which enables you (as part of a group) to pay a professional manager to select specific securities for you.
14 Although the number of monks in most monasteries has declined over the decades, Mount Athos has enjoyed a revival in the last 25 years.
15 Related configuration scripts allowed the testers to specify the desired duration and number of simulated clients for each run.
16 We've not only prevented a lot of customer issues, we have greatly reduced the number of testers necessary to ensure the absence of recall-class bugs.
17 M: Well, please let me have your name and address and your savings account number if you remember it.
18 They recruited a number of old teachers for the new school.
19 This could be the number of search results on a page or the amount of detail to show about an item.
20 In the WPT recording, we set the number of threads per client to 1 (one), but because there is only one page to visit, this number is irrelevant.
21 we would like to know now is whether our small number of candidate transpositions show up in the other readings.
22 Lately, I have noticed a number of posters to the comp.lang.python newsgroup mentioning Fredrik Lundh's ElementTree as a native XML library for python.
23 Simplified English may not be for everyone, but with the rise in the number of people around the world working in English, I suspect we will see more of it.
24 They have retrained a number of young technicians for our factory.
25 The number of the cars supposes that the city traffic would get busier and busier.
26 There are signs that this number is increasing slightly.
27 The teacher miscounted the number of boys.
28 The secretary asked him to leave his telephone number.
29 number of signers of the petition for a new school snowballed.
30 The verb agrees with its subject in number and person.