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No. sentence
1 Burning a tyre, by contrast, produces sulphur dioxide, a noxious pollutant.
2 In theory, yes, experts say. But the meat must be cooked, which will kill any noxious pathogens before you eat it.
3 If they are lucky, Banks will be able to palm some of the risk on to governments via asset guarantees or "bad Banks" that assume their noxious assets.
4 Idling a car in a garage, even with the door open, is dangerous and exposes the driver to carbon monoxide and other noxious gases.
5 At the turn of the century battery-powered vehicles were a common sight on city streets, because they were quiet and did not emit any noxious fumes.
6 Second-hand smoke from a smouldering cigarette is far more noxious than the nicotine-infused fumes inhaled by the smoker.
7 Greenhouse emissions do not poison people, or lakes or woods, in the direct or obvious way that noxious chemicals do.
8 They can't run fast or scare an enemy off with a loud roar or spray a predator with a noxious scent.
9 This often results in huge holes in the ground, noxious spoil-heaps and polluted watercourses.
10 physiological activators of the red pepper and the garlic in kimchi plays the role of preventing cell aging, sterilizing noxious germ, killing pain, improving immunity and the like.
11 The entire process occurs without a gram of painkiller, although a few imbibe a noxious alcohol made from the fermented mash of acorns.
12 Intellectuals and bureaucrats might pose as champions of the people against the powerful. But in reality they were empire builders who were motivated by a noxious mixture of envy and greed.
13 This noxious weed has spread across the state, threatening humans with sap that causes severe burns, blistering, permanent scarring and even blindness.
14 environment was noxious, the air full of acid and metallic aerosol particles.
15 The early Christian fathers denounced her as a" noxious animal", a"painted temptress", a" necessary evil", "a desirable calamity", and a" domestic peril".
16 It releases lots of soot and various noxious chemicals as it burns, and so has fallen out of favour in many Western countries.
17 The fish are part of a living experiment to find out how different species affect the growth of noxious seaweed that can harm coral reefs.
18 From toxic toys to noxious nightwear, the list of items recalled in China just keeps growing.
19 Two years ago, it was difficult to drive past this place because of the noxious smell and the unpleasant view," he said.
20 Collectively, the Deccan Traps spewed enough noxious gas that some say it was the cause of the extinction.
21 expanded production of meat has been facilitated by industrial feedlots, which bleed antibiotics and other noxious chemicals.
22 A thin silver lining is its relatively small exposure to noxious commercial property, at 2% of its total loans, one-fifth the proportion at Bank of America.
23 Most important, smell disorders can be downright dangerous for those who cannot detect the odor of smoke, burning or spoiled food, natural gas or other noxious aromas.
24 THE black smoke that had hung over Bangkok's jagged skyline for six days grew thicker and more noxious.
25 Emissions of greenhouse gases and other noxious chemicals are a worry.
26 They are also better equipped to remove sulphur dioxide and other noxious gases.
27 Extremely high rates of premature deaths are linked to noxious gasses from the smelter, and lung-related ailments are commonplace.
28 Volcanoes that spewed out lava and noxious gases for more than half a million years paved the way for dinosaurs to rule the Earth by wiping out their competitors, scientists say.
29 Constant moisture and noxious chemicals ruin displays.
30 noxious air likely results from a combination of natural and man-made sources, said Bell.