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notion in a sentence

1. I accept the notion of God."

2. But the notion of man is real;

3. A related notion is objecthood.

4. Lupin pooh-poohs this notion.

5. The notion did not die.

6. Contact is a geometric notion;

7. Notion may refer to:

8. The notion of a ToeJam &

9. This notion could be extended.

10. I second that notion."

11. Now there's a notion."

12. this notion was rejected by Goga.

13. It was a simple notion, he said.

14. the notion of an ideal law;

15. Dependence is a varied notion.

16. Often, this notion is ambiguous.

17. That's a very rich comic notion.

18. Birth of a Notion may refer to:

19. So the notion shifts."

20. Rose questions this notion.

21. Norberg scoffs at the notion.

22. Uttara later regrets the notion.

23. 47. La notion du Rien.

24. This notion is not totally true.

25. But the notion is more flexible;

26. It is a metaphorical notion.

27. 2) term/notion definition;


29. The notion remains contested;

30. But Zhu scoffed at that notion.