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No. sentence
1 Like the notion of evil itself, they have ancient origins and appear in folklore and literature across the world.
2 market supports so many companies because the notion of static analysis is broad.
3 Too often, software development organizations operate with a loose, general notion of quality and tolerate defects that most engineering disciplines would not allow.
4 In the West, Europeans and Americans have dominated the world scene for so many centuries that they're uncomfortable with the notion of someone else claiming the throne of global hegemony.
5 But in Russia, where the notion of a tsar survived the Soviet Union, divided power is usually problematic.
6 The Brazilian government -always sensitive to issues of national sovereignty -balked at the notion of rich nations offering developing ones rewards.
7 He has ridiculed the notion that an official inquiry into the vote might yield a different result.
8 So while the idea of DNA riding aboard extraterrestrial objects has been floated before, this is the first time we've been presented real evidence backing that notion.
9 That's an interesting alternative take on the notion of 'eternal hell', not that it's real.
10 All of this leads to the notion of using RSS to store information that previously might be stored in a relational database.
11 How could such a stupid notion - an encyclopedia written by anyone and everyone - ever work? Whatever next?
12 My parents were both musicians, so I inherited from them the notion that music can be important, that it's not something you do lightly.
13 Last time we looked at the notion, last lecture we looked at the idea of a distribution.
14 Floating populations crisscrossed the country in search of opportunity. The only stable, secure notion of home was one's hometown, also undeniably undergoing radical changes.
15 So, what I want to do is, I want to discuss the scientific notion of language, at first restricting myself to systems like English and Dutch and American sign language and Navajo and so on.
16 Note that CFS has no real notion of time slices for preemption, because the preemption time is variable.
17 By brief introduction the notion of lite urbanism advanced by Rem Koolhaas in the essay named What Ever Happened to urbanism, the paper discusses the value of architect in citys operation.
18 Working with this notion, we have made some Suggestions on how and when to count transactions.
19 In the absurd world the value of a notion or of a life is measured by its sterility.
20 Two visions are taking shape. One is the notion of "economic government", championed by France's President, Nicolas Sarkozy.
21 In addition, BPEL4WS supports the notion of compensation, which is a technique for allowing the process designer to implement compensating actions for certain irreversible actions.
22 in our heritage lies the notion that a portrait is a monument to a hero or a worthy ancestor.
23 For the locals, many of whom are less than thrilled by the notion, one worry is the quantities of waste the dairy will produce each day.
24 One of those is the once controversial notion of an individual "mandate" to purchase insurance.
25 Succinctly put, it is the notion that the laws of physics are the same everywhere.
26 This is an excellent development because it helps reinforce the notion that SOAP is nothing but a series of one-way messages.
27 And this brings us to the notion of attribution.
28 HOW could anybody dislike the notion of fairness?
29 But the notion that America is on the verge of being vanquished by cleverer, more innovative competitors is flawed.
30 We reviewed the notion that these were prescriptive and deterministic. Any computer code that you wanna use for the safety analysis you have to have NRC approval.