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No. sentence
1 If you do noting else, do this.
2 Warren confessed that her power to create change in this role was relatively limited, noting in one interview that, “ultimately, I don't have a badge, don't have a gun.
3 In recent days, some have defended Mortenson by noting that a number of C.A.I. schools were built and are still functioning, and they claim this is better than nothing at all.
4 Thailand is asleep at the wheel," he says, noting that despite years of education campaigns, condom use is still not as widespread as he would like.
5 Noting that he grew up partly in Indonesia, he claims a better understanding of foreign cultures than his rivals have.
6 Furthermore, it is worth noting that the energy reductions arise solely from the design of the building and will be fully achievable for the whole life of the building without further interventions.
7 It is not an error (because the declaration is optional), but it might be worth noting.
8 Noting both countries significant investments in energy efficiency, the two Presidents underscored the enormous opportunities to create jobs and enhance economic growth through energy savings.
9 Carefully noting the page and column of each error, the boy continued his investigations of the 32-volume tome like a diligent sub-editor.
10 The analysts blamed a mismatch between the targets and the policies in place to meet them, while noting that those policies should still deliver lasting carbon reductions.
11 Noting this, the experimenters deduced that ammonia was the airborne molecule to which the bacteria were responding.
12 It is worth noting, however, that it is often possible to port a virtual appliance to another format, provided that the specification of the new format is open or that you have access to it.
13 That said, Microsoft's drop below 70 percent is worth noting, but the news is more that people continue to use IE and something else.
14 On the economy, noting that "we are in the midst of crisis", he pledged spending on roads, Bridges and other infrastructure.
15 Noting can prevent us from realizing the four modernizations.
16 It's also worth noting that UFOs may not be saucer-shaped. The famous "flying saucer" description of the first UFO has since been revealed as a reporting error.
17 When inhibition is inhibited, you first move into a stage of excitation or mania," he says, noting that this usually occurs too quickly to be observed with modern anesthesia.
18 noting that this is not crude that is directly in shale.
19 Noting that redwood Creek contained one of the San Francisco Bay Area's last uncut stands of old-growth redwood.
20 People want to sell on anything or buy on anything," she said, noting that light trading volume can exacerbate the market's gyrations.
21 Noting how some of those individuals have succeeded demonstrates your personal connection and commitment to your team," he says.
22 is therefore worth noting that while the choice of authentication method is not particularly important in improving performance with binary files, it may be important in other areas.
23 Here, we'd like to challenge you to estimate the project, noting your assumptions and results.
24 However, the world's biggest mining company gave a cautious outlook, noting that demand in the Chinese market had yet to reflect the government's effort to dampen spending.
25 Wrap in plastic and foil and label with a piece of tape, noting the type of filling and the date.
26 This dataset attempts to set a standard for transparency, the authors say, noting they have submitted papers relating to the WGI to refereed publications and chapter publications in books.
27 He honoured the memory of the 6m Jewish victims of the Holocaust, noting that: "Sadly, anti-Semitism continues to rear its ugly head in many parts of the world."
28 Shoichiro Toyoda, Chairman of Aichi World Expo delivered a speech in the opening ceremony, noting that China is the most important country for Japan.
29 only state media references to him, so far, are about his appointments without noting who he is.
30 Noting that the rails and trucking companies used to be "mortal enemies," Lanigan said those days are over.