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No. sentence
1 Those are my notes. Yeah.
2 sister edition was not entirely faithful to the original today. Both featured the same picture - of a missile destroyer - but struck different notes with their headlines.
3 The different notes of a stringed musical instrument are made by vibrating the strings.
4 If the first robot judged the sounds to be similar, it would nod and store the notes for future use.
5 Currency notes bear serial Numbers.
6 He not only carried on funding the Marx family and their various hangers-on, but also spent years pulling together the chaotic notes Marx left behind for volumes II and III of "Das Kapital".
7 He motioned to the notes stacked on the table.
8 We may also record our notes on tapes so as to often listen to them, to deepen our impression and to lighten our burden of memory.
9 I copied out her notes into my notebook.
10 In either case, you can mark your approval or add notes.
11 Many pupils have relatives on far-flung continents, and use Skype for family chats, she notes: for them, the world is already local.
12 A self-described humorous raconteur, he told the ambassador he would often walk out of meetings early after having his say, or if he felt forced to stay he would write poetry rather than take notes.
13 She threw her notes to Lucy.
14 Investors are recognizing social networking as the next major wave of Internet companies, he says. he also notes that one no longer rings the NYSE bell, one pushes a button that makes a bell sound.
15 They might discover that, as well as the squeaker, the toy had a button inside one tube which activated a light, a keypad that played musical notes, and an inverting mirror inside one of the tubes.
16 He notes that Greece and Ireland were given until 2014 to cut their budget deficits to 3%, a year longer than Portugal.
17 If his dream was to live in the woods, with a fireplace and a typewriter and sheaves of notes hooked on the wall, almost like a deaf-mute in his dealings with the world, that was his affair.
18 I tend to look through these notes when I need inspiration or just to refresh my memory.
19 The solution for authors is to sell more than just the book. They sell the uncut version, or the notes, the shorts, an audio version, an anthology, etc.
20 also possible that the star might have been ripped apart by a smaller black hole, Fruchter notes.
21 My suggestion is to free yourself from rigid notes, and instead write down ideas in branches and connections.
22 Do you usually take notes in class with a pen or pencil?
23 He notes that alcoholics have brain abnormalities. Do we give them a pass if they kill someone while driving drunk?
24 I could hear the voice inside counting the notes, and then a thin old crow of a woman in a black dress put her nose out and regarded me suspiciously before letting me in.
25 You can review the slides from my whole presentation, as well as all of the speaker notes, here.
26 Much humor, she notes, is based on superiority - laughing at the well-deserved misfortune of idiots.
27 Beautiful deep red colour, notes of apricot, chocolate and coffee followed by undertones of thyme and cumin, with a touch of cedar.
28 He notes that each individual has many ancestors-numbering in the hundreds just a few centuries back.
29 For instance, he notes that when people who once loved to eat steak become vegetarians, they typically begin to view animal protein as disgusting.
30 Many of these orchids don't produce any other type of reward, such as nectar, that would attract other species of bee pollinators," Ramirez notes.