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1 Notably, I became more interested in the book as I read about the Eastern philosophy.
2 There were notably few of the hard-knuckle African politicians who often run the interior or defence ministry or act as kingmakers, sometimes bankrolling rotten presidents.
3 unauthorized Hubbard biographies—most notably, Russell Miller’s “Bare-Faced Messiah, ” Jon Atack’s “A Piece of Blue Sky, ” and Bent Corydon’s “L. Ron Hubbard: Messiah or Madman?”
4 Having many volcanoes, notably Hekla, and geysers (itself an Icelandic word).
5 head teachers at state schools as accountable to parents as their peers at private schools are and give them the same freedoms, notably to sack poor teachers and pay more to good ones.
6 These changes created several new challenges for the tyre manufacturers - most notably ensuring the grooves' integrity, which in turn limited the softness of rubber compounds that could be used.
7 Other technologists, notably Raymond Kurzweil, have extolled the coming of ultrasmart machines, saying they will offer huge advances in life extension and wealth creation.
8 Moreover, some parties have not got what they had hoped for out of the project, notably Japan, which had wanted to host the reactor.
9 Unlike so often in the past, most currencies do not appear to be notably overvalued and hence prone to collapse; if anything, many are undervalued.
10 Notably, recent research has shown organic ketchup has about double the antioxidants of conventional ketchup.
11 early 18th century, the wine was designed to be kept for years not months, notably by being carefully stored in oak casks.
12 Europe, notably, has ploughed more investment into public transportation and taxed petrol at a much higher rate and still consumes less oil than it did when the last oil shock struck 29 years ago.
13 Francois Fillon, reappointed as French prime minister, loves to get behind the wheel of a sports car, notably at Le Mans, near his birthplace.
14 In the Arab world, and among Persians too, they receive notably little sympathy.
15 Notably, the snake populations studied all give birth to live young (other species like pythons, lay eggs) and are sit-and-wait predators, making them more vulnerable to change in their environments.
16 And despite the drift, some ministers, notably the environment minister, Jairam Ramesh, have an eye for the popular gesture.
17 After all, population growth is slowing and yields of some crops, notably maize, are still rising at a steady pace.
18 In the UK, electronic publishing lags behind the US, but many of the brightest publishing brains, notably Enhanced Editions, are looking hard at the potential of the book as app.
19 He notably does not use the term "lock down", but says that all hands drop other tasks, and are mustered to find the errant drive.
20 lot has changed since then, most notably the mushrooming economic development of China which has leapfrogged it from the status of a developing nation to the world's emerging super-power.
21 of some of New Star’s managers faded, notably that of Stephen Whittaker, the former joint chief investment officer.
22 The icon seems to conveys only one powerful message -- be more mindful of what is on your plate. Numbers and ranges are notably absent.
23 one idea was notably absent: jointly guaranteed "Eurobonds", which a number of politicians and analysts say are the only way to dig the euro out of its hole.
24 The U.N. 's peacekeeping department has also encountered other problems, notably, misconduct on the part of a small number of peacekeepers that has hurt their reputation.
25 Yergin, the founder of a leading energy consulting firm, is the author of several acclaimed books, most notably “The Prize, ” a monumental history of oil from its discovery to 1990.
26 It is well known that some institutions, notably Harvard, have benefited greatly from putting top-notch managers in charge of their endowment funds.
27 Using their simulator, the two researchers were able to compare this strategy with others, notably one in which the stories are sorted by popularity.
28 The notably exceptions are the decimal and integer type.
29 Still, many people managed to pocket huge sums of money - notably, people in the financial sector... or people with financial assets.
30 And more notably, it was the first time we were able to speak publicly and freely in an Arab capital.