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1 Most notable of these is the National Democratic Force (NDF), led by former NLD members who saw these elections as a valuable opportunity, disagreed with the boycott and bolted.
2 The most notable improvement is the addition of out-of-the-box, transparent clustering support (WICKET-1272).
3 On the Japanese island of Okinawa, for example, people have a strikingly low rate of mental disorder—and Okinawans are notable fish eaters, even by the standards of a piscivorous country like Japan.
4 Whisky has only ever been notable to me for two reasons. It was the present I bought my father every Christmas and the spirit that gave me the most violent hangover of my life, some 10 years ago.
5 is of course notable for the understanding of fear, cowardice, and slaughter from a man who wasn't in combat.
6 The other notable line in this test is the class definition, which points to the template class, rather than one that you might create.
7 most notable f those latter cases is Garcia v. Spun Steak.
8 Steampunk ideas have also increasingly been retroactively applied to existing cult classics. Perhaps the most notable of these is Star Wars.
9 Sondheim's work is notable for his use of complex polyphony in the vocal parts, such as the chorus of five minor characters who function as a sort of Greek chorus in 1973's a Little Night Music.
10 In fact, the dynasty’s downfall in 1911 wasnot very bloody, although there were notable atrocities such as the murder ofManchus by Han Chinese revolutionariesin cities such as Nanjing.
11 He fought many hard battles and achieved notable merits, but he remains humble in spirits.
12 gauntlet of antivirus engines included those made by all the major security-software makers, with the notable exception of Symantec, the owner of SecurityFocus.
13 Their notable finds included a deep-sea shark that swells its size by filling its stomach with water to scare off other predators, and a starfish that eats only driftwood.
14 The researchers found the most notable phytoplankton declines in waters near the poles and in the tropics, as well as the open ocean.
15 However, there are some notable improvements hidden within that overall drop. Float-Integer comparison improved 75%, and builtin function calls improved 41%.
16 Steele now plans to use his formula to audit a number of other notable British actors.
17 The small, energy-efficient design is notable for its crystal ball-like shape which allows it to spin in all directions.
18 Satellite radio remains the leading platform for digital radio in the U. s., despite notable progress in HD radio awareness.
19 One notable feature of the list of artists is that it veers heavily towards the modern and contemporary, from the second world war almost to the present day.
20 A notable one is whether prosecutions should be brought against those soldiers whom the judge came close to accusing of unlawful killing and perjury.
21 notable is that these formerly covert activities have become open and pervasive.
22 Khan was a lieutenant of a notable warlord, Gul Bahadur.
23 Notable for its united front as opposed to any cross-party shenanigans, the Congress that greeted Franklin Roosevelt upon his inauguration in 1933 gave him unprecedented bipartisan support.
24 Mr. Zhang saves almost nothing of the $260-a-month salary he earns assembling cardboard boxes, another notable shift from the previous generation, which saved voraciously.
25 There were questions about his role in the Watergate scandal, but that was long ago, and Mr Bennett, 76, has spent three terms in the Senate without notable sleaze or incompetence.
26 We discussed where I'd flown recently, and he told me stories of notable trips he'd taken.
27 most notable incident is the 2004 case of Viktor Yushchenko, President of the Ukraine, whose face was disfigured by chloracne.
28 Males of all ages were more likely to use the sticks as weapons, while females were more inclined to treat sticks as dolls. There were some notable exceptions, however.
29 Foursquare's potential has intrigued some notable entrepreneurs and investors.
30 Mr Obama's speech was equally notable for what it omitted. Some delicate but pressing issues were mentioned only cursorily.