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not caecilians in a sentence

1. Other amphibians, but not caecilians, are ovoviviparous.

2. The Batrachia are a clade of amphibians that includes frogs and salamanders, but not caecilians nor the recently extinct allocaudates.

3. Molecular clock estimates place the first lissamphibian in the Late Carboniferous, but the first member of Batrachia (frogs and salamanders, but not caecilians) is estimated to have appeared in the Middle Permian using the same technique.

4. When Gerobatrachus was first described in 2008, it was incorporated into a phylogenetic analysis that found it to be the sister taxon or closest relative of Batrachia, an evolutionary group that includes living frogs and salamanders but not caecilians, which are the third major lineage of modern amphibians (the three main groups of modern amphibians are collectively known as lissamphibians).