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No. sentence
1 He would not knuckle down under their pressure.
2 He ordained us not to talk.
3 The robbers not only took his money but also laid into him.
4 Romans took over from the Greeks not only their philosophy but their arts.
5 The world exists, whether you like it or not.
6 He will not tell anyone, the secret will die with him.
7 We have reached out to Apple for comment on this file but we have not heard back at the time of publishing.
8 This time the teacher will not mark our English exercises for spelling and grammar, but she will be looking for pleasing expression.
9 Whenever I think of this humorous bit of wisdom, it reminds me to not take my life so seriously.
10 For example, suppose you do some bit manipulation in an integer variable and expect it to be of size 4: This may not be the case on all operating system platforms (see Listing 7).
11 Not a bit – “I didn’t read any of it, ” he explained once in an interview.
12 I have not any power in the firm except to recommend.
13 I prefer you not to overrun on this next time.
14 To harness our brains, we want to let the brain's brilliant mechanisms run as intended-i.e., not to be twisted.
15 I'm happy to know my arugula will not turn up on the plate tasting like a plastic bag, and that my lamb nibbled only on tender herbs and grasses.
16 Not only that, it can give us nourishment at any time, though they are nibbled for several thousands of years, they are still fresh.
17 Would it not be better if they spent more money on wholesome things like oranges and wholemeal bread, or if they... ate their carrots raw?
18 I noticed she said "I ate..." not "we ate...".
19 They do not want to kill you, but to torture you and make lunch of your flesh.
20 Kurzweil yields no ground there whatsoever. He does not see any fundamental difference between flesh and silicon that would prevent the latter from thinking.
21 Crocodiles, in fact, do not particularly like human flesh.
22 There is a market for human flesh; and it is not with your shadowy hands, shuddering around them, that you will prevent them from entering it!
23 We judge a person not by what he says but by what he does.
24 I do not think much of her as a musician.
25 A teacher should not favour any of his pupils.
26 You should not shuck a little child.
27 value of a book does not depend from its size.
28 He would not stir a finger to help you.
29 A piece of bread is not enough to kill my hunger.
30 my friends do not smoke.