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nostrils in a sentence

1. Grouse have feathered nostrils.

2. The nostrils flare.

3. His nostrils are the oblation.

4. The nostrils are between two shields.

5. acid dripped into nostrils;

6. The nostrils are also protected;

7. Each side has two external nostrils.

8. The nostrils are very close together.

9. the bridge or nostrils).

10. the nostrils are lateral;

11. The nostrils are lateral.

12. At the nostrils the bill is narrow.

13. The nostrils are visible from above.

14. This species has large nostrils.

15. The nostrils open forward.

16. The nostrils are whitish.

17. They have scroll-like nostrils.

18. There is a single pair of nostrils.

19. The nostrils are close to the mouth;

20. acid dripped into nostrils;

21. nostrils lateral;

22. Nostrils located ventrally.

23. plugged nostrils;

24. flow from both the nostrils.

25. Its nostrils are tube-shaped.

26. Its nostrils are tilted upward;

27. Its nostrils open upward.

28. The nostrils are large and prominent.

29. and wide nostrils".

30. E. schroederi had large nostrils.