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northwards in a sentence

1. From here it runs northwards to Zwickau.

2. Northwards lies Swann.

3. The parish stretches northwards to Hill.

4. Looking northwards along Taggart Avenue.

5. The station. View northwards 1998.

6. Looking northwards after snowfall.

7. Northwards, it stretches until Mauguio.

8. Buller advanced northwards as well.

9. A fighting advance continued northwards.

10. He headed northwards to evade pursuit.

11. Traffic flows one way, northwards.

12. northwards from Wath to Goldthorpe;

13. they flee northwards.

14. Some birds migrate northwards in winter.

15. Floating walkway facing northwards.

16. Parsons continued northwards.

17. They set off northwards in pursuit.

18. It then follows the Ilz northwards.

19. Wanting to expand northwards.

20. CRH3 trainsets going northwards.

21. Northwards it serves Oman and Yemen.

22. View from Königsstuhl, northwards.

23. In Schwegenheim it turns northwards;

24. T22 turned northwards and broke away.

25. Northwards they occupied the Avon River.

26. the junction faced northwards there.

27. A short length northwards was unused.

28. They travelled northwards.

29. We sailed northwards.

30. He pointed his boat northwards.