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No. sentence
1 In that region small breasts are not the sign of sickness, they are the sign of (a little bit depressing and flat) normality, and it almost cost thousands of ladies the use of their Vespas.
2 I do like to help people whether they want it or not, and am a little fonder of buns than is perhaps wise, but only within the sphere of normality, it transpires.
3 Some of the misconduct is so institutionalised that it passes for normality. When, for instance, a free-kick is flying in there will be bumping and blocking in the goalmouth.
4 But just as the prospect of normality seemed at last to beckon, Baghdad was shaken by one of the year's bloodiest bunch of bombings.
5 Eventually, Hannah begins taking over Miley's life, leading Miley to take a soul-searching journey back home to decide what she really wants: notoriety or normality.
6 The detection engine attempts to work out what is important by using a process of continuous modelling to define normality.
7 In Japan "normality" means steering interest rates gradually to somewhere around 2%.
8 They are autistic, and for them this is normality.
9 LU said his initial ideas on war were reflected in one of his favorite movies, “Apocalypse Now, ” which he sees as a narrative of man’s transformation from normality to evil in wartime.
10 from child prodigy to the self-styled “King of Pop” and, more recently, an eccentric semi-recluse, no part of Mr Jackson’s private life had given any other hint of normality.
11 This, Barker deduced, was because they were burying their insanity deep beneath a facade of normality.
12 She says these spaces have recreational and school learning equipment to help children get back to some semblance of normality.
13 Finally, a counterexample is given to show that the relative normality is not relative transition.
14 Since then, occupants had returned and a sense of normality had started to take hold.
15 These have been placed into "old Banks", while local-currency deposits and loans are in "new Banks" that are meant to restore a semblance of normality to Iceland's financial system.
16 Unless the person being psychologically profiled wants to shirk criminal responsibility or can see themselves as a danger to themselves or others, it makes sense to want to establish "normality".
17 For the long tail of inferior buildings, a slow, stumbling slog towards normality is the most likely outcome.
18 Nevertheless, a feeling of normality prevailed and pervaded all vision.
19 Poetry cannot determine the normality of our livings, yet poetry is the most core part of your spiritual world.
20 Yes, a thousand times, 'Yes'," choruses a group of retired men, who say they want life to get back to pre-Mubarak normality as soon as possible.
21 I called in sick to work for a few days after the attack, but I soon went back because I desperately needed some normality.
22 In daylight, a fragile normality began to return to the city center, with shops again opening and people returning to work.
23 As soon as a negativity arises in the mind, the breath will lose its normality; it will start Shouting, "Look, something has gone wrong!"
24 Gheit briefed Yang on Egypt's situation, saying his government was taking measures to safeguard social stability and return the country to normality.
25 Psychiatrists view mental health as a spectrum, with serious illness at one end and "normality" at the other.
26 return to normality in 2010?
27 When you have been in power for 42 years, you forget what’s real; you think normality is whatever you decide it is.
28 We're far away from normal policy," Bullard said. "I think it's important to take a few steps back to normality."
29 As the world economy returns to business as usual, the gold market may also return to some semblance of normality.
30 Mr Ackermann also spoke of a "new normality" in banking that is "characterised by volatility and uncertainty".