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No. sentence
1 Molten salt storage could store the solar energy and generate steam to drive a turbine for the hours of non sun generation. The first plant using this technology is being built is Spain.
2 As long as the Roma remain personae non gratae at the rich lands' tables, the emancipation of the European individual is still on shaky ground.
3 After the disaster, assistance from non government organizations had left the area with more boats than ever before.
4 When I began to revise it, where I expected to find meaning and consistency, I encountered one non sequitur after another.
5 relativity, theory of quantum physics &theory of expanding universe compelled us to think about the evolution of matter &non matter; form &formless.
6 In an ideal session, the recorder should be a non participant in the brainstorming session, since it's hard to be thoughtful and creative and write down everything at the same time.
7 No one believes that current non drinkers should be encouraged to start imbibing.
8 Absorbed attention - the capacity to delay other gratifications to focus on one thing at a time - is the sine qua non of achieving and sustaining excellence at anything.
9 True, risk will remain the sine qua non of banking, whatever the regulators do.
10 This would seem to confirm the fears of green internationalists, who have long portrayed binding emissions targets as the sine qua non of seriousness on climate change.
11 But voters' ability to throw the rascals out at regular intervals is still the indispensable sine qua non.
12 Even some non — Christians say that Jesus' teachings are supremely insightful.
13 with a sense of mission that Daud turned to working for peace - first with non government organizations and later joining the World Bank.
14 non stop-ship scenarios spanned iterations, but all remaining non stop-ship scenarios then became stop-ship scenarios in the final iteration.
15 Of all the people I know, perhaps non deserves my respect more than Miss Chang, my English teacher.
16 Locke was the man, John Locke. Two hundred years ago - more than that, even in his' Essay concerning the Human Understanding, 'he proved the non - existence of innate ideas.
17 We never regretted this, and I believe this' non working 'component of experience helped us forge stronger ties (if possible).
18 I have never come to the community and asked for personal donations, but being a non profit I cannot stand for any delinquent payments or bills.
19 If in doubt, we should be heedful of the maxim Primum non nocere: first, do no harm.
20 Besides, this paper have analyzed factors that restrict multi-reservoir system power station, and turn former problem into retrained non - linear planning problems.
21 No! Descartes thought that mind whose essence is thinking is made of immaterial substance but Hobbes would have non of that.
22 Chancellor Angela Merkel, once the euro zone's "Madame Non," led a push to assemble the new Greek bailout program.
23 Fluorine plastic -46 by non dangerous goods transport, transport should pay attention to prevent moisture, prevent packaging damage.
24 This allowed the iteration deliveries to be shipped on schedule, but required careful management of the non stop-ship scenario backlog.
25 Artiodactyla Camelidae non - humped camel (alpaca) 1 species of the genus.
26 Objective To study non - invasive measurement of reflectance oxygen saturation.
27 Current managing director Dominic Barton personally called Gupta to tell him he was now persona non grata at the firm.
28 In such circumstances, there is hope for the Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT), which is up for review next May.
29 In addition, the researches of the non equilibrium dynamic properties of CDW conductors have become one of the most hotpot of low dimensional condensed matter physics.
30 When it comes to non binary logic, for example modal logic or probabilistic logic, humans often perform better.