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no teeth in a sentence

1. Baleen whales have no teeth;

2. Gonorynchiformes have small mouths and no teeth.

3. There are no teeth.

4. The more advanced members have no teeth in the jaws.

5. The jaw tips had no teeth and were covered in a beak.

6. He had no teeth but his hair was still brown.

7. The fish has no teeth, adipose fin, or spines.

8. It has no teeth on the vomer.

9. The genus had no teeth, instead gills.

10. No teeth are preserved except a few fragments of root.

11. This frog has brown eyes and no teeth in its upper jaw.

12. There are no teeth on the hinge line.

13. This fish has no teeth.

14. They have no rostrum and no teeth between the eyes.

15. Zhongornis had a beaked mouth with no teeth.

16. their tube-shaped mouths have lips but no teeth.

17. There were no teeth on the palatines.

18. There were no teeth in his mouth".

19. The Canalipalpata have no teeth or jaws.

20. There are no teeth in the aperture.

21. There are no teeth on the roof of the mouth.

22. The snout is rounded, and no teeth are present.

23. The carpus bears no teeth on the anterior margin.

24. He also had no teeth.

25. The Jane Doe had no teeth;

26. There are no teeth on the roof of the mouth.

27. There are no teeth on the vomer or palatine.

28. There are no teeth on vomer and palatines.

29. In the morning, Girl has no teeth.

30. Seahorses have no teeth and no stomach.