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No. sentence
1 The contract admits of no other interpretation.
2 He has no say in the matter.
3 Of course I have nothing against Apple. If they say in advance no tethering, those who work on that should expect to be banned.
4 She allowed herself no meat and sweets.
5 No conclusion should be drawn before all the facts are buttoned down.
6 ideal nation would leave no room for what they saw as the twisted ethical code of Christianity, which they argued prized suffering and destructive self-repression.
7 He is an unscrupulous rogue. No one believes him.
8 They believed that no one was watching and then escaped.
9 Morgiana obeyed, though with no little reluctance, and had a curiosity to see this man who ate no salt.
10 My ankle was as red as the sky with a perfect globe, right on the bone where there is absolutely no flesh but just a huge vein under the skin.
11 Kurzweil yields no ground there whatsoever. He does not see any fundamental difference between flesh and silicon that would prevent the latter from thinking.
12 There's no one here besides Tom and me.
13 This means that, unless you say otherwise, no one can perform a piece written by you or make copies of it, even with attribution, unless you give the OK.
14 My children have no one to play with.
15 No one can rival him in this respect.
16 If he is no good, flunk him.
17 The next morning it was clear that Daniel had a hangover but as he grinned up at me from his prone position on the couch there was no awkwardness or regret between us.
18 No, ” he whispered in her ear.
19 No art can be grafted with success on another art.
20 At each node, you answer the question and move on that branch, until you reach a leaf that answers yes or no.
21 I had no idea what would happen to them or where the film would go, but I knew that I had found an amazing family; a modern-day version of the Joads from the Grapes of Wrath.
22 Speakers have no need to "convince" anyone of anything, nor are they obligated to bear the burden of proof or self-justification.
23 could consume no more of the strawberries he filled her little basket with them; and then the two passed round to the rose trees, whence he gathered blossoms and gave her to put in her bosom.
24 It was a late autumn evening with few pale stars and a moon no larger than the paring of a finger-nail.
25 No amount of brush stroking and knife waving could trick the participants into sweating that a chest-level foot was about to lose a toe.
26 No wonder, he would have hurt himself and also his father because he was not mature enough to play with the knife.
27 He called and called but no one came to his assistance.
28 Some say no, while others say yes.
29 No one could phony a list like that.
30 Yes, I am in red. / No, I am not in red.