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1 This building epitomizes the spirit of the nineteenth century.
2 Ulysses S. Grant's only daughter wed in the White House at the age of 18, in "perhaps the greatest American social event of the nineteenth century," according to presidential historian Doug Wead.
3 Waterloo is the hinge of the nineteenth century.
4 Before the early nineteenth century, books were hand-bound using heavy materials such as wood, leather, gold, silver and jewels.
5 seventh day of the fifth month, in the nineteenth year of Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon, Nebuzaradan commander of the imperial guard, an official of the king of Babylon, came to Jerusalem.
6 Athens Olympics was Portugal's nineteenth participation in the Summer Olympics.
7 Now this is something that we just take for granted when we read poems. All poems for us are to some degree dramatic monologues on the model of Browning and others in the nineteenth century.
8 implies that the English Luddite rioters, who in the early nineteenth century destroyed stocking frames, steam-power looms, and shearing machines, were after all doing the right thing.
9 twentieth century is only the nineteenth speaking with a slightly American accent.
10 But in the late nineteenth century, that panoply of possibilities began to fall away with the arrival of a totally new kind of material - celluloid, the first man-made plastic.
11 Of all that we have inherited from the nineteenth century, only certain axioms about time have passed largely unquestioned.
12 In America the colonists, too, smoked clay pipes, but in the early nineteenth century the "chaw" became popular.
13 Known as "Lemonade Lucy, " the wife of nineteenth president Rutherford B. Hayes presided over a White House where alcohol was controversially prohibited at State dinners and receptions.
14 And the reinvention in the nineteenth century of British identity will also have a lot to do with fear of the Irish, "the enemy within," As they were perceived.
15 During the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the use of apostrophes became more consistent.
16 Perhaps the most extraordinary building of the nineteenth century was the Crystal Palace, which was built in Hyde Park for the Great Exhibition of 1851.
17 of the nineteenth century, the merchant Riumin gave money for the construction, next to the Cathedral of the Dormition, of a canopied fountain pool.
18 Bonaparte victor at Waterloo; that does not come within the law of the nineteenth century.
19 workers made few gains in the late nineteenth century because of the strength of the forces arrayed against them.
20 there is one thing that the British Army was known for up until the nineteenth century, it was their bright red uniforms, earning them the nickname "redcoats".
21 There are some Zoroastrians who are influenced by Theosophy, an eclectic esoteric movement of the nineteenth century.
22 In the nineteenth century, a novelist would bring his story to a conclusion by presenting his readers with a series of coincidences — most of them wildly improbable.
23 So, given the nineteenth century, we are opposed, as a general proposition, and among all peoples, in Asia as well as in Europe, in India as well as in Turkey, to ascetic claustration.
24 nineteenth century British legal scholar Sir Henry Sumner Maine in his book Early Law and Custom points to this very fact in a fine essay entitled “France and England.”
25 Maybe they didn't write down the binomial distribution, but they explained the idea of insurance and it didn't sound right to the typical nineteenth century American woman.
26 Until the nineteenth century,the Asians were relatively successful in holding the European traders and missionaries at bay.
27 Invention of the telegraph and telephone in the nineteenth century had revolutionary impacts on the speed of communications among individuals separated sometimes by vast distances.
28 This is a country that, in the nineteenth century, the West attacked and subjugated purely for commercial reasons.
29 I thought I would give you an example from the nineteenth century, which is very important, and again it's public finance.
30 These new-moon-shaped puff-pastry rolls seem first to have been introduced to British and American breakfast tables towards the end of the nineteenth century.