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No. sentence
1 We work from nine to five.
2 fall of 2008, roughly nine months into the Great Recession and just before Lehman Brothers collapsed, Rob Peck, 27, was losing money almost every day.
3 This number had dropped to nine during the year so far.
4 Of those polled, nine out of ten said they preferred the new product.
5 Vietnam demanded that China release nine Vietnamese fishermen it arrested in September near another group of disputed islands.
6 But all the effort of nine days-or seven years-should not be lost.
7 But as I have written, most people need seven to nine hours of sleep.
8 was exactly what he had hoped for when, well before his bar mitzvah-probably at nine or ten-he had first lit up the little white tube and sucked in the taste of tar.
9 Ultimately, I agreed to sell him the book for nine cents.
10 Like many from the educated classes, Mr. Li was ridiculed, beaten by classmates and then sent to the countryside, where he toiled alongside farmers for nine years.
11 And he's still so small you can creep in to find if he has kicked off the clothes and tuck him in again," said Diana enviously. "Jack's nine, you know, and he doesn't want me to do that now."
12 Parents feared that Gymnasien, where the course of study had already been shortened from nine years to eight, would be crippled by the loss of two more.
13 Nine out of ten families are gone.
14 Nine men and eleven women climbed the mountains in the snow.
15 So, he said, he limped along for nine miles and finally crossed the finish line.
16 If he just kisses your face gently nine times out of ten, it shows your beauty is sensible.
17 Major Shairpe, much spruced up and wearing a pith helmet, arrived on the dot of nine.
18 He looked no more than nine or ten years old, sallow, small, stringy.
19 But it had a nine million dollar surplus in cranberries.
20 We have dined nine times at Rosings, besides drinking tea there twice! How much I shall have to tell!
21 We can overcome hopelessness by first recognizing which of these nine types we are confronting.
22 The sun is particularly blazing this morning, although it is only nine o'clock.
23 If he left at nine, he should arrive in time.
24 Mr Gulen made an unusual break with the government after last year's killing of nine Turks by Israeli commandos who swooped on a ship taking supplies to Gaza.
25 Electrodes attached to nine different muscles in the thigh act as antennas, picking up electrical signals sent from the nerves to the muscles.
26 As with the original form, however, there's a performance issue if you have to perform nine lookups to retrieve each of the nine virtualized fields.
27 Under the contract, Harris will design, install and certify major communications subsystems and their respective infrastructure at nine initial sites, company officials said.
28 With the first of those scarcely five months away, and the general election only nine months after that, they have no time for leisure.
29 You can divide the detailed design, implementation and test phase into three iterations, each one aiming at implementing three of the nine subsystems.
30 GETTING a seat at the annual Bayreuth Festival of Richard Wagner's operas is about as easy as shaking off a dwarf's curse: the average waiting time is nine years.