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No. sentence
1 America's Federal Trade Commission launched a round of talks about how to save newspapers.
2 He notices some slang that was headlined in the newspapers recently.
3 Dispose of these old newspapers.
4 Now there are more advertisements, newspapers and parcels in her mailbag.
5 She sent weekly parcels, thoroughly packed for fear of damage in the post, of cigarettes and sweets and clippings from the Irish newspapers.
6 It will go on display at the Guardian and Observer newspapers' Newsroom exhibition centre in Farringdon, North London.
7 Costs are being scrutinised across the group: one divisional boss boasts that he now buys his own newspapers and provided his office rug.
8 It understood that Indians, who expect a good price even for old newspapers, do not throw their watches away lightly, and has over 700 after-sales centres that will replace straps and batteries.
9 state visit by the premier captured the headlines of all newspapers.
10 But now consider a car factory or a printing press. Thousands of near-identical copies of cars, books, or newspapers are churned out.
11 almost all newspapers have survived, albeit with occasional help from the bankruptcy courts.
12 Metropolitan newspapers are thus turning into city newspapers, a blow to their future prospects, since virtually all the population growth in America is in the suburbs and exurbs.
13 The newspapers exclaimed against the government's action.
14 He bound the newspapers together.
15 Families camped out on sofa sets, reading newspapers, drinking tea from glass jars and eating biscuits.
16 The problem with such newspapers is that, although they do much that is excellent, they do little that is distinctive enough for people to pay for it.
17 Reading habits have shifted from newspapers and books to short bursts of instant facts or opinions.
18 telegraph may not affect magazine literature, nor those newspapers that have some peculiar characteristic," he predicted.
19 these people in real life-they are lay figures modelled on what he gets from newspapers.
20 news" scooped the other newspapers with an early report on the Australian election.
21 Hundreds more are believed to have lost their jobs - some for holding the wrong opinions, some because their newspapers were shut down by authorities.
22 Only printed newspapers could do that.
23 Take the letters along with the newspapers.
24 Once our debates roused a passion that came to the newspapers and the streets.
25 I was dressed and ready to roll, he had my newspapers folded, banded and stuffed in my bicycle basket.
26 It was based on two dated assumptions: that a young scion should be lined up for the top job, and that news Corporation's future lies in newspapers.
27 No special markers, no desktop computer, no webcams: All a user needs to interact with augmented magazines, newspapers or cereal boxes is a smartphone.
28 We bunched up the newspapers.
29 Newspapers delude themselves into thinking that readers read nothing else.
30 Her efforts have been widely published in newspapers and magazines.