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No. sentence
1 Korea's newly appointed unification minister, Hyun In-taek, told reporters Wednesday North Korea does seem to be preparing to launch a missile, but not right away.
2 said that the newly designed bomber is redlined at 850 miles an hour.
3 These may be small programmes, and somewhat labour-intensive; but the newly hired workers are not complaining.
4 This newly wedded couple are always quarreling.
5 The newly married couple moved into their new home.
6 Now some graduates, destined for corporate life, have found purpose volunteering to work at nonprofit groups shuttling aid to the newly destitute in the prefectures north of here.
7 Yunnan zhaotong city home county is skillfully newly discovered China stone producing area county one of.
8 other words, the license may require that all software bundled with the open source software, including any newly developed software, must be released under the same license.
9 I am troubled by the tendency of some-often young people newly infatuated with Reformed doctrine-who insist that God cannot possibly love those who never repent and believe.
10 By studying MRI brain scans of people newly in love, scientists are learning a lot about the science of love: why love is so powerful, and why being rejected is so horribly painful.
11 Black Death raised the price of labour and boosted trade, for English sheep grew longer fleeces as they grazed fields newly left fallow, and local cloth improved.
12 several days in Shanghai, we visited newly erected commercial buildings, shopped at Shanghai Center, and dined in fancy restaurants.
13 They initially experimented with furniture designs to accommodate their dog Amber in the living room of their newly purchased home.
14 The smell of newly mowed hay will conjure up different emotions in someone who spent idyllic childhood summers in the country and someone who was forced to work long hours on a farm.
15 So, what is often been going on according to Nietzsche if we manage to de-anthropomorphize the natural world new found, newly redeemed nature'.
16 The newly affluent in emerging markets echo the tastes of the English middle class 150 years ago.
17 In this case, a newly created config object can not be modelled as attributes on a parent.
18 Pluto was demoted to a newly created category, "dwarf planet," in 2006, partly because of the discovery a year earlier of Eris, another icy body from Pluto's neighborhood.
19 Once, I clambered up Vulcano's Gran Cratere, and discovered that the newly cast Aeolians are actually ribboned in greenery: vineyards, almond groves, and brilliant plateaus covered in tiny farms.
20 Nestled in one of the city's quaintest streets, it sits in a newly created third floor above a strip of old shop fronts.
21 In spring, caterpillars time their emergence to coincide with the bud burst of trees; birds start nesting when they can feed those newly emerged caterpillars to their fledglings.
22 The newly imprisoned prisoners poisoned poisonous moisture are hoisted out from the prison.
23 For each newly inserted record, the partitioning key determines on which database partition this record should be stored.
24 The vertical placing membrane and deep churned pile wall in embankment are newly developed seepage control techniques.
25 This plant is formally known as Victoria amazonica: it was named in honour of the newly crowned Queen Victoria in 1837.
26 They immediately realised that the phrase-with its software connotation of a newly released, better and more stable version-had enormous appeal as a rallying cry for the Valley.
27 a far-cry from her Vera Wang bridal gown, but the newly married Kim Kardashian glittered on the red carpet in a slinky silver dress.
28 Restarting the server at this point is recommended because of the newly created resources on the server.
29 The resolution calls on the newly formed Commission on Social Determinants of health to consider issues related to active and healthy ageing among its policy recommendations.
30 The guests had all been personally invited by Mr Mandela to mark the inaugural journey of South Africa's newly renovated equivalent of the Orient Express, called the Blue Train.