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new methods in a sentence

1. II Learn New Methods.

2. development of new methods of production;

3. Most farmers were reluctant to try new methods;

4. Entirely new methods of recruiting were attempted.

5. New methods were introduced to create "firestorms".

6. He introduced new methods, typical for the Russian school.

7. Around this time, new methods started gaining ground.

8. developing new methods to treat brain-stem tumors;

9. She received SSU to test new methods to change society.

10. These new methods were patented.

11. new methods of micro-diffusion analysis".

12. Mary would tutor students with new methods;

13. and so on. New methods try also to elucidate the question.

14. tests new methods thoroughly;

15. He developed new methods of big game conservation.

16. He introduced new methods in a hydrotherapy treatment.

17. New methods had been developed.

18. Typical papers will present new methods of analysis.

19. New Methods, op cit.

20. New methods had to be considered.

21. provide new methods of monitoring degradation;

22. It researches new methods in industrial safety.

23. Silicone provides new methods for curing the adhesive.

24. He was also noted for new methods in resuscitation.

25. New methods of irrigation were pioneered by the Sufis.

26. We have undertaken new methods.

27. the public would educate itself to new methods.

28. He experimented with new methods and apparatus.

29. [..] I can say he was using new methods for those times.

30. Workers invented new methods of communication.