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new means in a sentence

1. Multicolor LEDs also offer a new means to form light of different colors.

2. Do not let the new means of transport kill your instinct for physical exercise.

3. In the spring of 1735 Zedler resorted to a new means to convert inventory into cash.

4. The constant warfare forced Walter to find new means of raising money through taxation.

5. To him, new forms were new means to express his thoughts and feelings.

6. This provided a new means of transporting goods and also brought day-trippers from the city.

7. With the fall of the aristocracy, its auxiliaries had to find new means of subsistence.

8. Named "Old Aviation" and "Modern Aviation", they feature many old and new means of flying.

9. Bartók described this as a new means to develop a melody.

10. As the city grew, a new means of transport was needed.

11. on the other, it reflects his continued search for new means of expression.

12. The event of the railway opened up an entirely new means of travel between Dublin and Belfast;

13. With her new means, Mary hires Mrs Jolley to keep house for her.

14. He even recommended that his project be used on these "new means of voyage".

15. The ARS explored new means to establish schools and initiate youth programs;

16. Basel thereby became the first Swiss city to be connected to the new means of transport.

17. The crypt has been extended by a further two bays and provided with new means of access.

18. However, the new means of transport was not particularly successful in the early years.

19. primary among the new means was a reduction of government-backed student loan rates to 2% APR.

20. At the beginning of the 19th century, Mexico City was in need of new means of transportation.

21. Searching new means of expression is a constant feature of artists.

22. New styles of scenery meant that new means of scene shifting were needed.

23. In the absence of facility, new means of irrigation system were created near the brahmadeyas.

24. New styles of scenery meant that new means of scene shifting were needed.

25. The population quickly recognised the advantage of the new means of transport.

26. In 2013 Woehr sought new means to treat the city, his urban subject matter.

27. Her work considers new means of diagnosing and treating Trichomonas vaginalis.

28. It explores a new means of forecast and control for macroscopical, complex system.

29. Objective:To analyze EEGs by vector analysis method, providing a new means of studying EEG.

30. emerging of GMPLS technology, provides a new means of realizing the Optical Internet.