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No. sentence
1 Even on switched networks, you can gain some valuable information by running the packet-scanning tool on the host you want to investigate.
2 Google acknowledges that it is trying to prod the industry into building better networks so that Americans can have access to technologies that need more bandwidth.
3 Women were able to rely on other friends, whereas many men depended on their wives for their social networks and so were devastated when they lost these ties.
4 Other tribes, like the Nuer, maintain their own patronage networks.
5 Moreover, Hamas senses separate supply lines are an attempt to build alternative patronage networks and an economy outside its control.
6 I joined all the social networks but there is nothing there!
7 should recipients be forced to open up subsidised networks to rivals?
8 the other hand, the transparent linking of wired and wireless networks is an unsolved problem.
9 The UNIX command line readily downloads and uploads files, connects to remote computers, and interrogates the state of far-flung servers and networks.
10 Workers expect to be plugged into their social networks while at work, whether by E-mail, IM or mobile phone.
11 Although video streaming is a no-show, both full IM and voice communication is supported directly over wireless networks.
12 Managing such networks is not only complicated but requires lot of collective effort and collaboration.
13 Office of Management and Budget said agencies must have network backbones that use IPv6 and other networks must interface with the infrastructure by June 30, 2008.
14 With competition between traditional exchanges and electronic networks hotter than ever, the last thing he needs is questions over the robustness of the NYSE's technology.
15 From terrorist networks, to rogue nations, to dealing with rising powers that always look at us to determine whether or not we will in fact maintain a strong defense, " Panetta said.
16 Chinese cyber-crooks are only too happy to rent out their networks to other gangs and governments who want to launch attacks using them.
17 It lets you group and isolate your computing resources on their own network without running out Ethernet cables and physical network devices like in traditional it networks.
18 transformers that are used in telecom and wideband networks act as an important part and become a pith of parts.
19 And though silicon networks today look nothing like the brain, nodes of the net have begun to function as neuron.
20 Rogers offers to cover up railway lines that dissect the city by placing huge green Spaces and networks above them.
21 These routes tell the server how to get to specific hosts or networks outside by going through the default gateway.
22 The network aims to convince those three networks that when AD money is earned by sites that take content without permission, some of that money should be diverted to content creators.
23 After all, the connections that make up the networks to define globalism may be more strongly felt in some parts of the world than in others.
24 People who live in the densest social networks tend to flourish, while people who live with few social bonds are much more prone to depression and suicide.
25 Small blockages or collapses of the canal would choke the intricate irrigation networks.
26 And for those concerned with social behaviour in the real world, the dangers of online social networks are even more noticeable.
27 Archaeologists use gis to reconstruct ancient trading networks.
28 After you connect to most such networks and try to view a page, your browser is redirected to a "splash" page for logging in or accepting usage terms.
29 concept of semantic Web is being crystallized which will aid the growth of social networks even more.
30 You show it to a friend and he encourages you to sell the application to others so that they, too, can monitor resources on their networks with your application.