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1 Notice that although this program has no network interfaces, we still have to worry about security, because an attacker can provide some of its inputs.
2 And so the network of taxes, what's taxable, what's the tax rate that needs to be applied, and who realizes the tax revenue are all somewhat complicated by things like commerce on the Internet.
3 This makes sense, as the bottom protocols provide very basic services such as transmission of signals over network cables.
4 few keystrokes on the laptop keyboard we could steer the robot by sending signals over our wireless network to the laptop on the unit.
5 Do you have the time to write the business plan for investor funding and to network within the community?
6 If they push too hard for revenue in the short term, they might drive away users, undermining a network.
7 These people are all possible intruders, and since they are on the inside, they have better access to the network.
8 Remember that you must have network port access both ways for the virtual network to work.
9 As part of its crackdown, the pa has also dissolved the 92 zakat (charitable) committees that used to provide Hamas with its social and patronage network.
10 He runs a big patronage network and never has to worry about re-election.
11 By placing these components, as appropriate, throughout your network, you can ensure any attack must pass through one or more of these defenses.
12 old security model was for it to build a big mote around the corporate network and only let trusted, authorized employees come across the well-guarded drawbridge and into the proverbial castle.
13 These systems are hardware or software devices that can help you monitor access across the network to and from your server as well as activity on the server itself.
14 Not only network is vulnerable, any piece of software is.
15 node could lose network connectivity to the other nodes, the heartbeat process could be stopped, there might be any one of a number of environmental occurrences, and so on.
16 In one common mode of operation, clients broadcast name queries to an entire network segment.
17 Every host in the LAN will have the same network address, broadcast address, subnet mask, and domain name because those addresses identify the network in its entirety.
18 So a bridge splits the network into separate collision domains, but all the packets still get to go everywhere, so the bridged network is still a single broadcast domain.
19 According to the writer Walter Ellis, author of a book called the Oxbridge Conspiracy, Britain is still dominated by the old-boy network: it isn't what you know that matters, but who you know.
20 What it does mean is that, for whatever reason, this particular neuron was activated by this particular scene, almost certainly with a network of other neurons across the brain.
21 These pathways all talk to each other. You can think of them not as separate, but as part of a larger network of pathways that are communicating and working in concert.
22 byte ordering is stated in each message, so if a D-BUS message travels over a network to a remote host, it can still be parsed correctly.
23 This low-level area of the hardware allows you to reset a hung system, boot from a specific device (like a CD or a network boot), or get into single-user mode.
24 If the back-end database fails, or if your network connection to it fails or slows, your application keeps running, and this failure is transparent to and does not affect your application.
25 Regardless of who and how they paid to access the telephone network, once they are on the line, they can call anyone.
26 One lure is to make sure consumers can use the online community to network among themselves on topics of their own choosing. That way the site isn't all about the company, it's also about them.
27 Suddenly, as if overnight, a significant fraction of the world’s computers were connected, not only by a physical network but also by a common protocol for exchanging information.
28 By building an interface to your application that allows users to connect to it with IM, you take advantage of a large existing infrastructure for communication over a network.
29 however, you have a heterogeneous network with a variety of different platforms, you'll need to repeat the next step for each different environment.
30 Since there is only one additional machine in our network, we need to copy the configuration over only once, but you could repeat the process for each machine in your network.