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No. sentence
1 What if someone says something negative about me?
2 Because of their strongly positive or strongly negative views, black-and-white thinkers tend to be quicker at making decisions than highly ambivalent people.
3 you imagine being approached by someone who is miserable, down, and negative, how does that make you feel?
4 The Canadian study tested a five-week program that also emphasized sleep restriction, controlling negative thoughts and avoiding stimuli like light and noise in the bedroom.
5 Clearly, the pursuit of product for the would-be oppressors or slaughterers would be considered a negative product, or detriment, by the potential oppressed.
6 Mark would say I was nothing but negative.
7 Whenever I uncovered a negative thought, I plucked it out and redirected it.
8 See the negative energy as an orange light traveling through your body, through the spine and chakras, then down and out of the bottoms of your feet into the earth.
9 Only recently have we been able to decipher this mystery, by scanning the brains of people as they process both positive and negative information about the future.
10 Cerebral palsy, Down syndrome and depression and personal and environmental factors e.g. negative attitudes, inaccessible transportation and public buildings, and limited social supports.
11 You still acknowledge the fact that something might go wrong but you don't get stuck on it (as opposed to negative realism).
12 You filter out all good qualities of something so you can focus on the negative.
13 There’s almost always something negative at the heart of it. Humor is a great way to deal with adversity and can even turn a negative into a positive.
14 But when the negative stereotype was brought up, gender differences emerged.
15 have to wind on after taking a picture, or your negative will be double-exposed.
16 One carbon-coated plate, or electrode, is positive, and the other is negative.
17 That cohesion can have positive and negative consequences, but it helps to know what to expect.
18 They are concerned with others, but in a negative way, and in the end will only have their own righteousness to live with, and that's a horrible companion.
19 smokers say that they find nothing more enjoyable and relaxing as smoking. They say that smoking clears their head and eliminates any negative thoughts.
20 Repeating “hoom” as a mantra, dispels negative states of mind, helps digestion and clears toxins.
21 There's a subtle paradox here: one of the best ways we can leave positive residue is to prepare ourselves and others so that there's less negative residue when our time is done.
22 If someone picks up on this and points out that we are being negative, we defend ourselves by saying that we are only being realistic.
23 Carvacrol Oil of oregano has the properties of anti-bacterial Gram-positive bacteria and Gram negative bacteria, anti-coccidia and anti-oxidant activity.
24 When the negative stereotype about women was not hinted at, there were no gender differences in financial decision making.
25 We have the minus because we're adding a negative charge from the electron.
26 Each team member then gets three votes each for the positive group and the negative group.
27 changes are not always positive though, and when some runners have an increase in endophines they experience negative mood changes.
28 For almost three years, AECL went through its calculations, but nothing changed: if its model of how the reactor functioned was correct, the PCR should be negative.
29 Each pair contained a neutral image alongside one that was either positive or negative.
30 The most pressing factor in the debate, however, is that anything connected with the funeral industry has a massively negative effect on property prices in the vicinity.