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negation in a sentence

31. In this case there is only a single negation.

32. The exact implementation of negation varies.

33. and the Indo-European root for negation).

34. The second is a propositional negation.

35. Quality – Reality, Negation, Limitation.

36. In this case there is only a single negation.

37. For the existential negation is their God.

38. The negation of monogenism is polygenism.

39. Ex. (6): broad scope negation–2 elements.

40. Ex. (7): broad scope negation–3 elements.

41. Irregular future tense: Irregular negation:

42. The negation particle precedes the predicate.

43. Negation. The history of Obregon Kaine.

44. Looking away shall be my only negation.

45. There is also a prefix indicating negation.

46. Vana means weaving and nir means negation.

47. Vana means new birth and nir means negation.

48. necessity; negation. Numbers 1-29; avoir;

49. He has written A Postcognitive Negation.

50. Negation Negation usually follows the verb.

51. There are many words to denote negation.

52. Ex. (8) Negation of existential clause.

53. Ex. (11) Negation of descriptive clause.

54. Ex. (12) Negation of possessive clause.

55. Negation is indicated by a change in tone.

56. see Finnish grammar § Negation of verbs.

57. and the Indo-European root for negation).

58. and produces "certainty through negation."

59. I put the negation sign in front of that.

60. kind of negation is metalinguistic negation.