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No. sentence
1 It should be an act of affirmation by self and not negation by others.
2 In languages that have negative concord, such as Spanish, Polish and Hungarian, the double negative intensifies the negation.
3 Work is the negation of eternity.
4 The soundlessness impressed her as a positive entity rather than as the mere negation of noise.
5 Hark how the fellow contradicts himself,' they said when the paroxysm, of merriment had subsided. 'Hark at his great commandment which is to avoid negation.
6 And the counterexample set is the set consisting of the premises plus the negation of the conclusion, so it's Friday Marianne is wearing jeans.
7 The tension and interplay between the situation and its negation, produce constantly new and emergent forms of social existence.
8 presupposition can be cancelled and, mostly, stand as a fixed proposition under the negation test, but some presuppositions fail to keep consistent under negation test.
9 the other hand, Ethiopians make no distinction in gesturing to indicate emphatic negation.
10 in each case you have instances of knowledge as negation.
11 no Model Conservative, and conservatism is the negation of ideology: it is a state of mind, a type of character, a way of looking at the civil social order.
12 Negation means removing from the search pages that shares any component in common with this vector, which would include pages with words like music, guitar, Hendrix and so on.
13 is no permanent, constant soul in the background. Even our language about ourselves is to be distrusted (requiring the tortured negation of anatta).
14 I put the negation sign in front of that.
15 This is called negation and is based on classical logic.
16 Of course there are difficulties in deciding what exactly is the negation of any particular situation.
17 I do not want to accuse, I do not even want to accuse the accusers let looking away be my only negation and all in all and of the whole someday I want only to be a yes sayer.
18 So you see I can add in even a negation of the conclusion and it hasn't changed the validity.
19 Are we on the negation of their love is true or it?
20 Putting a single negation in front of it will evaluate to true, thus a double negation will evaluate to false.
21 Also, please try to minimize negation.
22 all sort of situation where these two premises are true and so is the negation of the conclusion.
23 premises just as they are and the negation of the conclusion that's why that test works. Look at this one.
24 Directories aren't regular files but are accessed every time you list them or make them the current working directory, so exclude them in the search using a negation and the -type flag.
25 Widdows has found that a negation based on quantum logic works much better.
26 This is crucial for tasks like sentiment detection where a negation word such as "not" flips the sentiment of a whole sentence.
27 Devotional service is not a system of negation but a system of transformation.
28 Okay this is the counter example set, considering the premises plus the negation of the conclusion, do you accept that?
29 Will not appear on the negation of desire, but the desire to consolidate and upgrade to a higher level of consciousness. - Rollo.
30 Such negation is the most positive action, therefore it is freedom.