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No. sentence
1 We must orient our work to the needs of the markets.
2 They represent who we are and where we came from and this past needs to be part of our future.
3 If you know at the beginning what the system needs to do and how it needs to do it, you can do most (if not all) your design up front.
4 In order to meet the urgent needs of the four modernizations, improving the teaching quality is a task which Brooks no delay.
5 Once you determine your sleep needs, you should meet those needs every day.
6 It should suit you perfectly, and meet your needs.
7 Meet their needs as you would have them meet your needs.
8 And so the network of taxes, what's taxable, what's the tax rate that needs to be applied, and who realizes the tax revenue are all somewhat complicated by things like commerce on the Internet.
9 In this case the people it matches are those who have a task that needs doing, and those willing to perform it.
10 If something needs to be changed in BPMN, it should be removing all execution semantics, it should be designed to let the business analyst express himself or herself.
11 Thank Him for the difficulties in life that have caused you to recognize your spiritual needs, to mourn over sin, and to submit to His authority.
12 But this sort of moral revival is what the country actually needs.
13 Germany needs only one to manage cash and settlements for its savings Banks but the state premiers have resisted pressure for mergers.
14 excuse is that a tense country with 250 ethnic groups needs a system of patronage to buy peace.
15 We make this mistake when we refuse to see the needs for intimacy even in the most debilitated elderly.
16 She is right, but she needs to stop whining: the government bears much of the blame.
17 comparison with the coastal area and in meeting the local needs, the educational resources shortage in senior high school period in Yuxi is obvious: the supply and demand gap is wide.
18 Ouattara still needs to rein in many of the warlords and rebel fighters who, helped by French forces operating under the aegis of the UN, hunted down and arrested Mr Gbagbo in April.
19 With such a tiered understanding of intentions, a consistent evolution of process can be maintained under the sometimes chaotic onslaught of changing needs and interpretations.
20 He needs to perfect his spoken English before going to work in Canada.
21 The fire needs making up.
22 If your client code needs this kind of specific functionality, then this generic layer is not enough — at least as it has been described so far.
23 It's far from complete, but as I have often stated in this column, I believe in pragmatically testing software to find out what needs to be improved.
24 bottom-up approach tends to lead to poor business-service abstractions in case the design is dictated by the existing IT environment, rather than existing and future business needs.
25 Developers resist constraints on their tools and process; therefore, whoever is managing the source code needs to keep the developers at a safe distance from it.
26 This is all transparent to the user and no special code needs to be written.
27 Laboratory work needs not only accurate measurements but also correct calculation.
28 Peeling off yet one more skin, we reveal the intellectual level (knowledge, skills, and attitudes) which tells us how the teacher decides what needs to be done and how it should be done.
29 Apple needs more than just an advocate for media, creativity and the liberal arts now; it needs a champion. We all do.
30 Not all roofs can support the hundreds or thousands of pounds of soil and water that a farm needs.