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No. sentence
1 He'll need help to bring the computer down.
2 We need a piece of canvas that weathers well.
3 This is because we need similar skills and knowledge to support that product on each "code branch" — that is, that development activity related to each product version.
4 We need plenty of fruit every day.
5 Speakers have no need to "convince" anyone of anything, nor are they obligated to bear the burden of proof or self-justification.
6 We need a mindfulness bell to bring us back to the essentials, and paring down is that bell for me.
7 At this time of day you need to filter out the red light to take a good photo.
8 You need to install Samsung's free Remote Viewfinder app on one of its Galaxy S Android phones, then turn on Wi-Fi "tethering, " adding $15 to $30 a month to your wireless bill.
9 You should never deny assistance to those who need it.
10 You need not flare up merely because I mentioned your work.
11 If it does that then you gave it the BPEL file in the samples instead of ours and you need to start over.
12 I need that file you took yesterday.
13 should not be any need to edit the configuration file directly.
14 Each team has their own work branch, since they each need somewhere to test their code before publishing to the trunk.
15 But God says we do not need to be afraid of him. He is for us; not against us.
16 He says they need your help.
17 I must alert him to the need to solve the problem.
18 To fix it, you need to figure out what that thing was.
19 How do you know which fix you need?
20 If this is you, then you need to support multiple fix levels at the same time so that your customers can run your software in conjunction with other software.
21 To fix this problem in the database, you need to understand the possible causes and resolutions.
22 But, touching your medicine, kind Sir, in my present frame of body, I need it not.
23 While I certainly do not deny the importance of ensuring server stability, you have to balance the need for adequate testing with the need for adequate security.
24 We shall need all the votes we can get to push the new law through.
25 I do feel bad for those of you who have enjoyed this blog and Isincerely apologize, but I need to do this for me and my dreams.
26 Your back, shoulders, and legs in particular need loosening.
27 If your shoulders and upper back are collapsing into your neck, you need further practice to build your foundation.
28 Buy only what you need.
29 Yes, yes, I know. No need to sound so loud!
30 So how much do you need to eat on the run?