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necessary repairs in a sentence

1. He recommended costly but necessary repairs, which were done by 1840.

2. This caused a two-week delay while necessary repairs were made.

3. Farmers assess paddy fields for any necessary repairs in February.

4. It took about four weeks to carry out the most necessary repairs on buildings.

5. A dispute with his insurance carrier over reimbursement for the necessary repairs.

6. the necessary repairs, including strengthening the walls, were projected at £560.

7. A public subscription was then raised, in order to carry out the necessary repairs.

8. The estimated cost of necessary repairs was $4.472 billion.

9. Necessary repairs to continue the bathing business failed.

10. Necessary repairs were not forthcoming.

11. approval, to inspect and perform necessary repairs to 36 aircraft in Sarasota.

12. After necessary repairs were made, WHJM returned to the air August 11, 2006.

13. The EPA eventually reimbursed the condo association $2,460 for the necessary repairs.

14. On the 25th and 26th, ATR-46 performed necessary repairs to her hull and equipment;

15. After necessary repairs, she was assigned to patrol on the James River.

16. The crew was unable to conduct the necessary repairs until they reached Singapore.

17. Drought and famine followed, and then, the necessary repairs were carried out.

18. A total of £120,000 was required for the necessary repairs and alterations.

19. In 2007, the concert hall underwent necessary repairs.

20. The church has had much restoration and necessary repairs over the years.

21. It makes necessary repairs before sending the vehicles to its dealerships.

22. Kohan stated he did not have the money to make the necessary repairs.

23. I shall sail again for Tampa as soon as I can effect some necessary repairs.

24. Necessary repairs for its preservation were made by the City of Petersburg in 1882.

25. The necessary repairs were carried out at the dockyard in the Bay of Kotor.

26. Necessary repairs were carried out, and the boat was reprovisioned.

27. The structure was renovated into a museum after undergoing necessary repairs.

28. To pay for the necessary repairs Young Nicholas's master sold part of her cargo.

29. She made necessary repairs at Yokosuka and then headed back to Vietnam on 29 May.

30. After making the necessary repairs the shaft was securely held on its mounts.