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No. sentence
1 He cut them all in two and asked Apollo to make necessary repairs, giving humans the individual shape they still have now.
2 this warfare led to the dilapidation of the canal until the Mongols invaded in the 13th century CE and began necessary repairs.
3 one observer optimistically noted that "at least it wasn't a big hole", but necessary repairs delayed their efforts.
4 The goal was to preserve as much significant historical fabric of the museum as possible, while accomplishing necessary repairs and attaining a suitable environment for the building's continuing use as a museum.
5 After a five-year-long fund-raising campaign, $15 million was collected to dry dock the ship and complete necessary repairs.
6 This caused a two-week delay while necessary repairs were made.
7 Because the Helmsley/Flatiron Associates ownership structure was a tenancy-in-common, in which all partners have to agree on any action, as opposed to a straightforward partnership, it was difficult to get permission for necessary repairs and improvements to be done, and the building declined during the Helmsley/Flatiron Associates era.
8 The submarine re-submerged, and it was decided to continue the patrol while simultaneously making necessary repairs.
9 After his 2015 electoral victory, Trudeau opted to live at Rideau Cottage, on the grounds of Rideau Hall, until necessary repairs are completed at 24 Sussex to make it habitable.
10 The ship was acquired by sponsors, after a short period under the Ukrainian flag in the 1990s and a prolonged stay in British ports due to lack of funds for necessary repairs.
11 In December 2014, NH90 deliveries restarted after the Dutch government came to an agreement with the manufacturer, under which modifications and necessary repairs against corrosion would be made at the manufacturer's cost;