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No. sentence
1 You can hive off some of the work to us if necessary.
2 To answer the first two it is necessary to peel away layers accumulated over 510 years since a band of Portuguese explorers landed in what is now Bahia state.
3 Some phones will even recognize links that have native apps and open the necessary app to give you the best experience possible on your device.
4 Even this list isn't necessary, but I only suggest it here for those who don't feel safe without it.
5 These let you create the loan application submission workflow and the form workflow policy necessary to launch the workflow when the form is completed by the customer.
6 No event is necessary for this scope because objects associated with it are released by the garbage collector rather than object managers.
7 For each requirement that contains multiple necessary states from now and into the future, a requirements analyst opens a change request record representing a review activity.
8 I feel it necessary to make a correction.
9 Retrieving the peer certificate is necessary if you wish to either display it to the user or verify it either against the host name or the certificate authority.
10 We've not only prevented a lot of customer issues, we have greatly reduced the number of testers necessary to ensure the absence of recall-class bugs.
11 Gossip -or the fear of gossip -may in this way serve to enforce the social norms that are necessary for any group to exist.
12 You need to decide if these changes are appropriate or necessary in your environment.
13 You can use the same AMI as before, because it should have all the necessary software.
14 Especially, once one organization owns a big structure, its information management would become necessary for the need of development in the information era.
15 expense necessary for handling the entrusted affair advanced by the agent shall be repaid with interest by the principal.
16 But deep inside their braches, the trees will have stored up the necessary nutrients, sucked from their own leaves, needed to survive the winter.
17 they have the necessary skills to support the solution?
18 Yet they find themselves stumbling on simple tasks, all because they do not have the foundation necessary to fully understand or utilize the framework.
19 While these things may be necessary for reaching the goal of delivering a solution, they are not valuable in and of themselves.
20 Service operations can be designed to use single input, output, and fault messages, but this is not necessary, and can result in undesirable stamp data coupling.
21 Be sure to apply sunscreen, or just use your facial moisturizer with SPF, all the way down past your neck though your chest each morning and reapply during the day as necessary.
22 learn to accomplish the tasks of a meeting through an email, a quick phone call, a quick and focused IM, an online group chat if necessary.
23 If you are an advanced user and want a quick reminder of the problem determination steps to take, IGAA helps you by only showing the information necessary to move you quickly through the steps.
24 Reminding them to book an interview room if necessary.
25 All that is necessary as well, but it is beyond the scope of this process.
26 If necessary, place a small cushion or rolled towel behind the curve of your lower back.
27 I told my students my new telephone number so that all of them called me when necessary.
28 The delegation deems it necessary to state its position.
29 For projects in progress, merge them and use the new and revised objects and patterns in their Workspaces as necessary from the Architectural Foundation encyclopedia.
30 While this sort of thing may be necessary in some situations, I caution against abusing it -by avoiding the discipline of maintaining the build, you also avoid that discipline's benefits.