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No. sentence
1 Until recently, the dates of such hearings were not announced in advance, nor were defence lawyers necessarily present.
2 When people get married with a very strong sense of material benefit, things can get rather wrong and people do not necessarily have a will to make it go right again," she explained.
3 Yet while liberals have cheered the result as a mark of social progress, it does not necessarily augur plain sailing for the al-Sabah family that has ruled Kuwait since the 18th century.
4 Certainly, there are excellent developers and excellent testers, but just because you are stellar at one does not necessarily mean you are also as good at the other.
5 As you can see, the file traversal is depth first but not necessarily in any alphabetical order within a directory.
6 Multiple occurrences of an activity do not necessarily lead to a process execution error, but they can affect the readability of the model.
7 Camping space: For those who don't necessarily want strangers in the house but live near the wilderness or a multi-day festival, there's money to be earned from campers.
8 This doesn't necessarily mean a cockroach burger with grub fries, but it could mean using insect protein to replace soya bean protein in packaged foods.
9 volcanoes erupt when sea levels drop does not necessarily mean that sea levels rising under climate change will suppress volcanism.
10 The web of direct and indirect manipulation is a straitjacket that binds life and necessarily limits the ways it can appear to itself and structure itself.
11 The intruder is not necessarily outside the company, but he is executing code from outside of the application itself.
12 The intruder is not necessarily outside the company, but rather is executing code from outside of the application itself.
13 While we're always using our brains, we're not necessarily doing much to keep them in good shape.
14 worship someone (or something) is to venerate him, her, or it – not necessarily as you would revere a deity, but at least with extreme devotion, love, or admiration.
15 All the elderly ladies whom Archer knew regarded any woman who loved imprudently as necessarily unscrupulous and designing, and mere simple - minded man as powerless in her clutches.
16 By "inbox", I don't necessarily mean one of those plastic or wooden trays you set on your desk and pile everything into; that's one kind of inbox, but not the only kind.
17 Mean impression that his wife only because the necklace was found to be false and made a temper, not necessarily because she angry again lost to him, but because she thought he had cheated her.
18 It suggests, from the beginning, a kind of loftiness and impartiality of perspective characteristic of the philosopher, but not necessarily the citizen.
19 why a rosier outlook for America's economy does not necessarily mean a rosy future for all Americans.
20 The search for balance does sometimes lead him to give undue weight to shadowy hangers-on: splitting the difference between liars and madmen does not necessarily produce the truth.
21 And there are others of which the strongest expressions are upon many occasions extremely graceful, even though the passions themselves do not, perhaps, arise so necessarily.
22 Then there is the cementing of the wellhead, a process which is necessarily tricky.
23 Your surname may be derived from a place, such as Lancaster, for example, or an occupation, such as Weaver, but this is not necessarily of relevance to your family history.
24 Since these end users do not necessarily understand data warehouse concepts, you should ask questions that allow you to gain an understanding of specific business problems.
25 In these obscure corners they have found the chance to show what they've got, but, sadly, not necessarily in vehicles operating on their level of talent.
26 It bought exquisite high tech weapon systems because they had the coolest capabilities, not because they necessarily countered any threats.
27 These are things we all tend to overlook or take for granted because they aren't necessarily how our society measures success.
28 Not necessarily in the sense that you might be able to work your way through all of our picks in a month, but in the sense that it can inspire and guide book-lovers of all tastes and ages.
29 might suit the UK does not necessarily help in Spain or Switzerland.
30 Many said they were not necessarily expecting to see a detailed solution come out of the meeting, but hoped to see signs of significant progress.