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nearly half in a sentence

1. nearly half the Allied soldiers were British.

2. In 1984, nearly half the population worked.

3. nearly half of which were totally destroyed.

4. He controls nearly half of the firm;

5. Nearly half (47%) were five years or younger.

6. Nearly half the district consists of forests.

7. nearly half lived outside Chicago.

8. they were nearly half royal.

9. with nearly half the money disappearing.

10. nearly half come from rural areas.

11. nearly half were from East Anglia.

12. nearly half in the study were infected.

13. The stage occupied nearly half the space.

14. Watson won nearly half of the votes.

15. nearly half live in the South.

16. Nearly half of the population died.

17. Nearly half of SC 26 had been lost;

18. Nearly half are boarders.

19. Nearly half of the students are female.

20. Nearly half of the crew of 103 perished.

21. Nearly half accepted the offer.

22. read nearly half the book aloud;

23. Nearly half of them are living in poverty.

24. Nearly half of them have the right to vote.

25. Conflicts lasted for nearly half an hour;

26. third nearly half the length of the first;

27. Nearly half of all Sudanese live in poverty.

28. Nearly half of Gazans are jobless.

29. Sao Tome and Principe by nearly half.

30. killed nearly half the coyote population.