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1 In a 2007 survey, nearly 70% of respondents could name all four of the Christian Gospels.
2 The popularity and success of anime is seen through the profitability of the DVD market, contributing nearly 70% of total sales.
3 People of foreign origin make up nearly 70% of the population of Brussels, most of whom have been naturalised following the great 1991 reform of the naturalisation process.
4 Baseball boomed after World War II. 1945 saw a new attendance record and the following year average crowds leapt nearly 70% to 14,914.
5 From 2009 to 2013, it experienced a 42% growth in international bed nights (total number of nights spent by tourists), tallying a rise of nearly 70% for Chinese visitors.
6 A later study analyzed this value in other countries, with results ranging from a low of about 15% in Canada (using conservative estimates) to high of nearly 70% in the United Kingdom (using more liberal estimates).
7 Hungary, for example, "lost nearly 70% of its export markets in Eastern and Central Europe."
8 Despite nearly 70% of Japan being covered by forests, parks in many major cities—especially Tokyo and Osaka—are smaller and scarcer than in major West European or North American cities.
9 The percentage of ethnic Kyrgyz increased from around 50% in 1979 to nearly 70% in 2007, while the percentage of European ethnic groups (Russians, Ukrainians and Germans) dropped from 35% to about 10%. The Kyrgyz have historically been semi-nomadic herders, living in round tents called yurts and tending sheep, horses and yaks.
10 A 2011 survey by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India found that nearly 70% of samples had not conformed to the standards set for milk.
11 It is estimated that hydraulic fracturing will eventually account for nearly 70% of natural gas development in North America.
12 Findings in 2006 state that nearly 70% of graduates from public universities were considered unemployed.
13 According to a 2020 report by the International Energy Agency, Senegal had nearly 70% of the country connected to the national grid.
14 Tax returns vary from the two-page (Form 1040EZ) used by nearly 70% of individual filers to thousands of pages of forms and attachments for large entities.
15 Nearly 70% of adults had at least a high school diploma and 19.2% had a bachelor's degree or higher.
16 By 1970, Viet Cong forces were no longer southern-majority, as nearly 70% of units were northerners.
17 Together, Thailand, Vietnam and India accounted for nearly 70% of the world rice exports.
18 About 20,000 protein coding genes are expressed in human cells and nearly 70% of these genes are expressed in the normal stomach.
19 According to a 1998 survey of 400 biologists conducted by New York's American Museum of Natural History, nearly 70% believed that the Earth is currently in the early stages of a human-caused mass extinction, known as the Holocene extinction.
20 Nearly 70% of the world crop today is grown in West Africa.
21 Scoring eight goals in nine matches, his form led to calls for his return to the Brazil national team – nearly 70% of respondents in a poll for the O Globo newspaper voted that he should be reinstated, with the country's president Lula also calling for his immediate return.
22 In the Utah gubernatorial election, 2004 nearly 70% of the county's vote went for Jon Huntsman, Jr. and in the 2008 election he received around 75% of the vote.
23 Haida efforts are largely directed to the protection of land and water and functioning ecosystems and this is expressed in the protected status for nearly 70% of the million hectare archipelago.
24 24.65%). Collectively, these three areas account for nearly 70% of the county's total African American population of 46,568, and in fact, blacks have had a presence in these towns since the earliest days of the county.
25 The voters of the 2016 election supported changing to a commissioner form of government with nearly 12,000 votes in favor, which was nearly 70% of the popular vote.
26 Travelling anywhere in Kakadu, you cannot help noticing the lowlands—they make up nearly 70% of the park.
27 nearly 70% of residents over the age of 25 have earned a bachelor's degree or higher.
28 The average annual precipitation is 4.12 inches (10.5 cm), with nearly 70% of rain typically falling during the cooler months (Nov–Apr).
29 Dover is a majority minority community, with nearly 70% of the population as of the 2010 Census identifying themselves as Hispanic, up from 25% in 1980.
30 Fifteen years after the project groundbreaking, Sun City is now home to nearly 11,000 residents—nearly 70% retired with a median age of 65—and has been a driving force behind growth, development, and the very shape of Georgetown since its inception.