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1 It is home to nearly 4,000 pteridophyte and spermatophyte plant species.
2 By August 2016, when the outbreak began to subside, nearly 4,000 people were suspected of being infected.
3 Nathan Bedford Forrest rallied nearly 4,000 Confederate troops and led them to escape across the Cumberland.
4 Out of that number, 277,000 are members of sports associations and nearly 4,000 are members of chess and contract bridge associations.
5 The coast contains nearly 4,000 oil platforms.
6 It is estimated that consumption in Great Britain alone in 1831 amounted to the deaths of nearly 4,000 elephants.
7 On September 26, 1963, a 12-year-old, 3,000-pound female dancing elephant named Rajje (alternately reported as Raji and Little Rajjee, among other variations) rebelled against her trainer during a performance in a shopping-center circus near what was then Logan Street and Holmes Road in Lansing, and escaped into the streets, aggravated by the frenzied pursuit of nearly 4,000 local residents.
8 In the 2016 national census, nearly 4,000 Canadian residents claimed knowledge of Scottish Gaelic, with a particular concentration in Nova Scotia.
9 New Zealand's total contribution numbered nearly 4,000 personnel from 1964 until 1972.
10 It reportedly involved nearly 4,000 government personnel.
11 The work is crammed with a collection of nearly 4,000 sketches of animals, people, objects, etc.
12 The largest population (nearly 4,000 individuals) is sparsely distributed over Angola, Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa and Zambia.
13 After his cavalry captured a Union artillery battery, he broke out of a siege headed by Major General Ulysses S. Grant, rallying nearly 4,000 troops and leading them to escape across the Cumberland River.
14 Twenty-five people were killed, 150 people were injured, and nearly 4,000 homes destroyed.
15 In 1911, Philadelphia had nearly 4,000 electric trolleys running on 86 lines.
16 All around, there are over 27,000 university students in Poitiers, nearly 4,000 of which are foreigners, hailing from 117 countries.
17 The biggest Plattenbau district was built at the northern periphery of Eisenach between 1978 and 1985 with nearly 4,000 housing units.
18 The last contains nearly 4,000 entries relating to the Bible.
19 This was done in cooperation with the Equal Justice Initiative, which published a report in 2015 that documented nearly 4,000 such lynchings, as well as Selma Center for Nonviolence Truth and Reconciliation at Healing Waters Retreat Center, Selma: Truth, Racial Healing &
20 With a student population of nearly 4,000, St. Mary's is home to a College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences;
21 Personal attention and powerful academic programs have made St. Mary's, located on 135 acres (0.55 km) 3 miles northwest of Downtown San Antonio, a nationally recognized liberal arts institution with a diverse student population of nearly 4,000 of all faiths and backgrounds.
22 With over 10,000 cattle and nearly 4,000 sheep, farmers were herders rather than tillers.
23 Minooka Community Consolidated School District 201 (elementary district) has a total of seven schools and serves nearly 4,000 students.
24 A growing number of people with Vietnamese origins live in the area as well and make up the second largest Asian American group in Quincy, where it is estimated to be nearly 4,000 Vietnamese people living in the city.
25 Historic Gill Stadium supported professional minor-league baseball into the early 21st century and continues to be a viable and popular downtown venue for many sporting and entertainment events, seating nearly 4,000 patrons, depending on the event format.
26 Beginning in 1863, a total of nearly 4,000 freedmen from North Carolina enlisted in the United States Colored Troops to fight with the Union for their permanent freedom, including 150 men from the colony on Roanoke Island.
27 St. Rita's Medical Center, a level 2 trauma center, with nearly 4,000 employees as of June 2006, is Allen County's largest employer while Lima Memorial Health System ranks third.
28 The area surrounding the center was developed into suburban subdivisions, contributing to a doubling of the city's population to nearly 4,000 people by 2000.
29 The second, in 1998, did succeed and the record held at nearly 4,000 musicians until it was broken in 2000 by a group in Vancouver.
30 The second phase would install up to 400 turbines generating 398 MW. MeyGen completed the longest-ever run of continuous tidal electricity generation in 2019 with 25 GWh produced, enough to power nearly 4,000 homes.