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1 The Assemblies of God had almost 60,000 members, the Churches of Christ had nearly 120,000 members.
2 By 1920, Cambridge was one of New England's main industrial cities, with nearly 120,000 residents.
3 Between 1944 and 1953, nearly 120,000 people (5% of the population) were deported, and thousands more became political prisoners.
4 Indianapolis Emergency Medical Services is the largest provider of pre-hospital medical care in the city, with 357 emergency medical technicians and full-time paramedics responding to nearly 120,000 emergency dispatch calls annually.
5 By 1901, nearly 120,000 people were living in Preston, now a booming industrial town.
6 With 25 universities and colleges within a 15-mile (24 km) radius from Springfield, including several of America's most prestigious universities and liberal arts colleges, and more than six institutions within the city itself, the Hartford–Springfield metropolitan area has been dubbed the Knowledge Corridor by regional educators, civic authorities, and businessmen—touting its 32 universities and liberal arts colleges, numerous highly regarded hospitals, and nearly 120,000 students.
7 Reading experienced continuous growth until the 1930s, when its population reached nearly 120,000.
8 Originally targeting the observation of some 100,000 stars, with an astrometric accuracy of about 0.002 arc-sec, the final Hipparcos Catalogue comprised nearly 120,000 stars with a median accuracy of slightly better than 0.001 arc-sec (1 milliarc-sec).
9 Production of the Model 50 and 55 submachine guns ceased in 1945 at the end of World War II. Nearly 120,000 submachine guns were made of which two thirds went to the Marines.
10 Still, nearly 120,000 Unionists from the South served in the Union Army during the Civil War and Unionist regiments were raised from every Confederate state except South Carolina.
11 However, the Talbot-badged models declined in popularity over the next few years, with sales dropping from nearly 120,000 on the UK market in 1979 to around 25,000 in 1984, while as the same time the Peugeot brand was gaining ground thanks to the success of the 205.