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near-misses in a sentence

1. He began the 1990s with a series of near-misses.

2. Near misses damaged the destroyer Pessagno.

3. The water spouts were probably near misses by bombs.

4. The first plane dropped three bombs, all near misses.

5. she suffered near misses from air attacks.

6. During this period he had some near-misses in tournaments.

7. Near misses are in italics.

8. three Swordfish obtained near misses.

9. Chikuma was slightly damaged by several near-misses.

10. Giulio Cesare was slightly damaged by several near misses.

11. However, a handful of aircraft scored near misses.

12. He had a few near-misses during the season;

13. 1991 was a year of near misses.

14. Near-misses rained shell splinters down on Sheffield.

15. Many other near misses and incidents also took place.

16. Destroyer USS Nicholas was damaged by several near-misses.

17. Cook has had some near-misses in senior majors.

18. She was hit twice and experienced several near-misses.

19. Kronprinz was violently shaken by several near misses.

20. they fail constantly after several near misses.

21. Suffering one direct bomb hit and several near-misses;

22. The bomber returned, dropped two more near misses;

23. damaging hits or near misses on a 300-foot freighter.

24. She suffered only slight damage from near misses.

25. another two were near misses.

26. The team had a few near misses with stage wins;

27. All minesweepers were splashed with near misses.

28. This was the first of a series of competitive near misses.

29. Enterprise was continually straddled by near misses.

30. Despite some near misses, the group makes it to freedom.